Bye Bye, Texas
QuiltCon 2015

QuiltCon 2015: Travel

I am so happy to be home. QuiltCon was a lot of things: amazing, exciting, fun, and honestly a bit overwhelming. Nothing beats my own bed, my two boys (my husband and cat), and I am really looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine. I am going to break down my thoughts and posts about QuiltCon a bit, and I thought I would start off today with my travel experiences.

One of the best parts about QuiltCon being hosted in Austin, Texas, this year was that I got to fly there. And because I was flying alone, I got to have a window seat. When traveling with my husband, I am happy to sit in the middle (he has a love of flying and being “way high up”, and the aerial photography he has captured out of airline windows is stunning). But if given the chance, I like to look out a window, too. I think there is nothing more breathtaking than looking down on our world and seeing the beautiful patterns that can’t be noticed on the ground.

One interesting adventure I had was waking up on Friday morning to find that my hotel room did not have running water. It is really disappointing to turn on the shower to only have a small trickle of water come out. After 30 minutes with maintenance help, all was well. I learned that a water valve had been replaced the day before on the roof, the air was not bled out of the line sufficiently, and the valve needed to be opened (!! haha – oops!!). My morning schedule was thrown for a loop, but thankfully I was able to still make it to the morning yoga session and I had some free time that morning to go back to my room and shower later. And nothing beats being thankful for things like running water and indoor plumbing (more about that in a later post, too). I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “If Indoor Plumbing Doesn’t Make You Happy, Nothing Will!”

Yay for Running Water - Appreciating the Small Things :)Yay for Running Water - Appreciating the Small Things :)

Yay for Running Water – Appreciating the Small Things 🙂

I used to live in downtown Austin (2003-2004). My husband and I got married in a small church in South Austin, and we loved the apartment we lived in downtown on West 3rd street. I went for a walk on Friday afternoon and went to see how the neighborhood has changed in the past 11 years. The building looks the same, but it is now surrounded by large high rise buildings on all four sides. Our 4 story apartment building used to be the tall building in the area; not any more! There was current construction going on just to the south of the apartment while I was walking by.

Home Sweet (Old) Home

Home Sweet (Old) Home

Lots of New Construction!

Lots of New Construction!

I am not much for urban photography and late night clubs, so I don’t have much more to share for around Austin itself. However, I did love the glass that was beautifully hung and displayed in the Rotunda at the Austin Convention Center. I would walk by and admire the glass each morning on my way to yoga. 🙂

Glass Display in Rotunda at Austin Convention Center

Glass Display in Rotunda at Austin Convention Center

And as I prepared to leave, I was thankful that fabric packs so well. I don’t think I went totally crazy with my purchases, but I did get more than just the bundle of Carolyn Friedlander orange fabric I discussed yesterday in my Sunday Stash post! 😉

Packed for Home

Packed for Home

The weather in Austin was beautiful for QuiltCon. The temperatures were in the upper 60s or low 70s (°F), and the forecast for rain did not come true until I got to the airport on Sunday morning. My first flight of the day was a short hop from Austin to Dallas. I thought the rainy weather was actually quite beautiful (we are in a serious drought my part of California right now), and I loved how the colors of the Southwest plane and trucks popped against the moody sky.

Bye Bye, Texas

Bye Bye, Texas

And to my utter delight, it was raining in California when I landed, too. We drove in the rain all the way home, and I am so thankful for the moisture we received. As I am putting this post together I can see some snow flakes lazily drifting down, too. Since it is 41°F outside, there is no chance of the snow sticking, but I am so thankful we are getting a bit of rain and snow here at home.

And while not directly related to QuiltCon and travel, I have to brag on my husband a bit, too. When I walked in the door at home, my first goal was to snuggle with my cat. As I walked into the house, something seemed a bit different… my husband surprised me by renovating my computer nook for me while I was away. Money has been tight since I left my full time job last April, and some home renovation projects have been on indefinite hold. He told me that he didn’t know when else I would be able to have 3 days without computer access, so he went ahead and fixed up my computer nook while I was away. What a sweetheart!

Computer Nook Renovation Process

Computer Nook Renovation Process

So I am enjoying my new desk space today and super thankful for so much. I have so many more thoughts about QuiltCon that I want to share, and please bear with me as I don’t necessarily post about quilts and projects as I recap my experiences and thoughts this week. If you were not able to attend, do you have any questions about QuiltCon that I can try to answer via email or in upcoming posts?

And as a fun final bonus, here is a quick video of the engine starting up on my flight home from Dallas. 🙂

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  1. Patricia C says:

    Great work area and wonderful hubby, lucky girl

  2. quiltyjoyjoy says:

    Great work space. Your husband was very thoughtful to create such a place for you while you didn’t need your computer!! I am glad you had a great time at QuiltCon.

  3. Laura Links says:

    How do you think the Quiltcon experience would be for someone who follows blogs and loves modern quilting but doesn’t blog herself?
    Loved your post about your travels and look forward to your future Quiltcon posts!

  4. Vera says:

    It has been fun to watch all the pics on IG. Have you shared any from the alter ego party?

  5. How very sweet of your hubby and what a wonderful surprise for you to come home to! I like that you are breaking down your experiences in “bite-size” chunks, it makes it easier to process (at least for me!) I would love to hear about any classes you took.

  6. pbarretthill says:

    Cool video! I wanted to fly airplanes as a kid, but it was too expensive for my parents. I used to hang out at the airport just watching planes. (Pre 911). Well, looking forward to hearing more about QuiltCon.

  7. Renee says:

    That video was cool! Love the added shelves to your computer area, I could use some like that…

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. I think I’d like to try and plan to go to QuiltCon 2016.

  9. How did QuiltCon compare to any other big quiltshows, concerning prices, interesting things to see, classes. Trying to figure out if it will ever be worthwhile to fly in from Europe.
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  10. Everything about your trip sounds so wonderful! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and experiences with us!!

  11. Kathy Hoback says:

    I’m interested to hear about the alter ego party, too! Could today’s post, which is full of gratitude, also pass as your Thankful Thursday post ? That way, you actually would be ahead of the game this week. I follow you by email and I always read Quilting Jetgirl first; I appreciate both your work and your perspective on things. Kathy

  12. Glad you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  13. Jasmine says:

    What a sweet hubby! Your new set-up works great! I am so grateful for indoor plumbing!

  14. sally says:

    What a lovely husband! Sounds like it was a great trip all round.

  15. Great post! Really loved meeting you! It must have been fun to visit your old area. 🙂

  16. Three cheers for indoor plumbing, husbands with power tools (that looks like a professional job) and window seats!

  17. Susan B. K. says:

    Wow — what a nice thing for your husband to do while you were away! I didn’t realize you had lived in Austin some years ago. It must have been startling to see the changes. I had not been there in 20 years — it looked completely different to me!

  18. I love all of the places you got to pop on over to, and especially ‘home sweet old home!’. It is always amazing to see places now vs. then, it’s sometimes hard to walk through the neighborhood I grew up on because while it looks the same, it isn’t. I am anxious to keep reading about QuilCon! and SUPER awesome on the new computer space! Very thoughtful!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)