2015 Completed Quilts

Each quilt image below is linked to more information about the quilt. Note that clicking on the image or link will open the quilt details in a new window. The quilts are presented in reverse chronological order (the most recently completed quilt is shown first).

Mini Mini Quilts 21 & 22
70. & 71. Mini Mini Quilts 21 & 22

Lap Charity Quilt
69. Lap Charity Quilt

Baby Charity Quilt
68. Baby Charity Quilt

Triple Goosed Mini Quilt
67. Triple Goosed Mini Quilt

Mini Mini Quilts 19 & 20
65 & 66. Mini Mini Quilts 19 & 20

Seahawks Quilt
64. Seahawks Quilt

Lighthouse Lens Placemats
63. Lighthouse Lens Placemats

Mini Mini Quilts 15-18
59. through 62. Mini Mini Quilts 15-18

Red Herring
58. Red Herring

Nite Owl Halloween Placemats
57. Nite Owl Halloween Placemats

Love Letters Quilt - Used on Day 1
56. Love Letters Quilt

Mini Mini Madness
50. – 55. Mini Mini Madness

Mini Minis Round 3 - One to Keep
49. Mini Mini – FMQ

Mini Minis - Round 3
47. and 48. Mini Minis

Mini Mini Mania
45. and 46. Mini Mini Rainbow and Mini Mini Teals

Mini Mini Halloween: Front
44. Mini Mini Halloween

Be The Light Lantern Quilt
43. Be The Light Lantern Quilt

Mini Mini Quilts
41. and 42. Mini Mini Quilts

Prismatic Rainbow
40. Prismatic Rainbow

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV
39. Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

Connection Block Mini Quilt
38. Connection Block Mini Quilt

Improv Rainbow Scrap Quilt
37. Reclamation Quilt IV: Improv Rainbow Scrap Quilt

Mr. L and Miss A's Completed Quilts
35. and 36. Mr. L and Miss A’s Completed Quilts

Doggie Baby Quilt
34. Doggie Baby Quilt

Nautical Mini Quilt
33. Nautical Mini Quilt

32. Home Decor Fabric Placemats

Bird Quilt
31. Bird Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt
30. HST Scrap Quilt

Giant Swoon Quilt
29. Lucent Quilt

Lake Tahoe Placemats
28. Lake Tahoe Placemats

Beanie Cap
27. Beanie Cap

California Sunset Fade Placemats
26. California Sunset Fade Placemats

Myer Family Quilt
25. Myer Family Quilt

Reclamation Project IV: Guilty
24. Reclamation Project IV: Guilty

Mini Quilt Swap - My Quilt for Christina
23. Mini Quilt Swap – Mini Quilt for Christina

Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt
22. Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt

Collaborative Baby Quilt II - Quilting Detail
21. Collaborative Baby Quilt II – Quilting Detail

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots
20. Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots

Reclamation Project III - Lost
19. Reclamation Project III – Lost

Baby Sheet Quilt - Snoozin Safari and Grey Dot
18. Baby Sheet Quilt – Snoozin Safari and Grey Dot

Triangle Transparency (Orange)
17. Triangle Transparency (Orange)

Triangle Transparency
16. Triangle Transparency

Reclamation Project II
15. Reclamation Project II

Reclamation Project I
14. Reclamation Project I

Diamonds in the Deep
13. Diamonds in the Deep

Collaborative Baby Quilt
12. Collaborative Baby Quilt

Elephant Parade
11. Elephant Parade

Out of the Woods
10. Out of the Woods

Foothills Mystery Quilt
9. Foothills Mystery Quilt

Baby Sheet Quilt
8. Baby Sheet Quilt

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge (Marsala):
7. 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge (Marsala): “Love and Loss”

Life: Ups and Downs
6. Life: Ups and Downs

Seeing Stars
5. Seeing Stars

Tessellated Leaves - Queen Sized Color Wash
4. Tessellated Leaves

Racetrack Quilt
3. Racetrack Quilt

Groovy Scrap Quilt
2. Groovy Scrap Quilt

Scrap Quilt
1. Scrap Quilt


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