I believe that quilting creates connections and builds community. These are currently some of the community building tools, places, and spaces I have created or visit regularly. Thanks for joining me!

Community On My Blog

  • Tutorials – This is a listing of all the free tutorials I have posted over the years on my site.
  • Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – I am so passionate about sharing tips and tutorials with the quilting community that I host a linkup once a month so quilters can find other resources and share their knowledge.
  • Equilateral Triangle Calculator – The Equilateral Triangle Quilt Calculator is designed to help quilters understand how large their pieced quilt top made from equilateral triangles (60° triangles) will become. Instructions and graphics explaining the inputs and outputs are located below the calculator.
  • Wayward Transparency Quilt Along (September 2017 – January 2018) – The instruction posts will contain the monthly piecing instructions as well as a link to an easily printable PDF that you can print and download.  The PDF’s will be available until the prize winners are announced in early February and then a PDF of the full pattern will be available for sale (but the instructions will always remain in the blog posts). PDF instructions will not be sent out via e-mail. Instead, the PDF’s of the instructions will be easily downloadable directly from the blog posts.
  • Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along (July 2016 – September 2016) – The official period for the quilt along is closed, so PDF instructions are no longer available for free download. The instructions remain in the blog posts, and if you are looking for a full PDF pattern, you can find it in my Etsy or Craftsy stores.
  • Advice for New Quilt Bloggers – This is a compilation of posts written over several years and a good reference for quilt bloggers.
  • Discussion – Quilting is more than just a creative outlet for me. I want to pause and reflect on larger ideas to cultivate a community of discussion and insight. Occasionally I host posts that are based around discussion topics, and I really enjoy engaging in email responses with readers. Also, the comments and insights left in the comments are often just as valuable (if not more so) than my post content.

Community Outside My Blog

  • Instagram
  • Quilting Jetgirl Facebook Group – This is a great resource for the Quilting Jetgirl community to be able to gather together and support one another and interact with each other in addition to interacting directly with me.
  • Quilting Jetgirl Facebook Page
  • Quilt Pattern Designers Facebook Group – I am one of the group administrators for the Quilt Pattern Designers Facebook group, which was created to bring together experienced and new pattern designers to share advice and make connections. The group is for those that are already in the quilt pattern writing business and those planning on entering the business.