2014 Completed Quilts

Each quilt image below is linked to more information about the quilt. Note that clicking on the image or link will open the quilt details in a new window. The quilts are presented in reverse chronological order (the most recently completed quilt is shown first).

Tessellated Leaves Placemats - Completed Tops
42. Tessellated Leaves Placemats

Paisley Placemats - Completed
41. Paisley’s Birthday Placemats

Fall Placemats
40. Fall Placemats

Reversible Tea Cozy
39. Reversible Tea Cozy

Three Flocks - Completed Quilt
38. Three Flocks – Completed Quilt

Fiestaware Placemats - Coral Front
37. Fiestaware Placemats (Coral Front)

Tea Cozy
36. Tea Cozy

Cocoa Leaf Mini Quilt
35. Cocoa Leaf Mini Quilt

Parallelogram Placemats
34. Parallelogram Placemats

Super Cute Baby Boy Quilt
33. Super Cute Baby Boy Quilt

Orange Crush
32. Orange Crush

Space Age Tumbling Blocks - Completed Quilt
31. Space Age Tumbling Blocks

Owl City Baby Quilt
30. Owl City Baby Quilt

Namibia Trees
29. Namibia Trees

Orange Jade Placemat Set
28. Orange Jade Placemat Set

Purple, Gray, Teal Placemats
27. Purple, Gray, Teal Placemats

Positive Nap Quilt - Completed Top
26. Positive Nap Quilt

Dragon Quilt - Completed Quilt
25. Dragon Quilt

Beach Themed Round Placemats
24. Beach Themed Round Placemats

Synesthetic Alphabet - Front Pre-Wash
23. Synesthetic Alphabet

Round Placemats
22. Round Placemats

Spaceship Tic-Tac
21. Spaceship Tic-Tac

Woven Placemats - Quilting Detail
20. Woven Placemats

Solar System Log Cabin Quilt
19. Solar System Log Cabin Quilt

Fly Me to the Moon Wall Hanging
18. Fly Me to the Moon Wall Hanging

Black with Rainbow Binding Placemats - Set of 6
17. Black with Rainbow Binding Placemats – Set of 6

4th of July Picnic Quilt
16. 4th of July Picnic Quilt

Color Weaving II
15. Color Weaving II

Color Weaving I
14. Color Weaving I

Spring Rain Baby Quilt III
13. Spring Rain Baby Quilt III

Modern Improv Baby Quilt
12. Modern Improv Baby Quilt

Birds on Telephone Wires - Mini Quilt
11. Birds on Telephone Wires – Mini Quilt

Under the Sea - A Collaborative Quilt
10. Under the Sea – A Collaborative Quilt

Spring Rain Baby Quilt II
9. Spring Rain Baby Quilt II

Spring Rain Baby Quilt I
8. Spring Rain Baby Quilt I

Blue Spring Rain
7. Blue Spring Rain

You + Me
6. You + Me

Whale of a Time
5. Whale of a Time

Sidekick Sampler
4. Sidekick Sampler

Shooting Star Mini Quilt
3. Shooting Star Mini Quilt

Uneven Log Cabin
2. Uneven Log Cabin

Genevieve's Baby Quilt
1. Genevieve’s Baby Quilt

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