Coloring Pages

In order to use these digital coloring pages, find the coloring page you need and left click to make the image full size. On the full size image, right click on the coloring page and select Save image as… to save the image. Then, on mobile devices, follow my Recolor App for Digital Quilt Mockups video tutorial and use the free Recolor App to help you plan your next quilt. Note: If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, use a photo editing program like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop Elements to fill in each area with color.

Tip: Due to the number of published patterns, the fastest way to find the pattern you need is to search for the name of the pattern using the search feature of your web browser to get you to the correct spot on the page.

Note: Some Quilting Jetgirl patterns have many layout options, and I will not be able to create a coloring page for all possible layout options. These coloring pages are provided to assist you but not all patterns and options may be available.