Hi! I am Yvonne Fuchs, aka Quilting Jetgirl. Welcome!

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

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I seek to change active, generous, caring creatives who want to learn to quilt or improve their quilting skills into people who approach quilting with joy. Into people who recognize that quilting creates connections and builds community. I seek to help you become excited about every step of the quilting process, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran looking for a technical editor. To help you make quilts that you are proud of. Thanks for joining me. I can’t wait to see the quilts you are going to create.

One on One Triangle Transparency Workshop Time

One on One Triangle Transparency Workshop Time

I am an intuitive introvert who is passionate about hometown and online quilting community, and I believe that quilts can cover the world with care and love. I use my blogging platform to cultivate a community with which I share my passion for quilt making and quilt pattern design.

In my earlier career, I worked as an aerospace engineer until April 2014 when I radically redesigned my life to focus on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. My company name, Quilting Jetgirl, is a blend of my professional histories and the tagline “Sewing at the Speed of Sound” is a nod to my work on the second privately funded (non-government) vehicle to break the sound barrier. I have been quilting for 20+ years and I credit quilting with helping me feel balanced and connected to both my local hometown community and a larger global community. My pattern writing is heavily influenced by my technical background, and I strongly believe that:

  • You are creative.
  • Nobody and nothing is perfect: You are doing your best work right now.
  • The secret to success is to show up, try, learn, modify, and repeat.
  • We all sew at the speed of sound; sometimes it will sound faster than others.
Transparency Quilt Design Workshop One-on-One Time

Transparency Quilt Design Workshop One-on-One Time

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