QuiltCon 2015

QuiltCon 2015: Wrap-up and Giveaway!

Thank you so much for bearing with me this week as I reviewed and processed my QuiltCon experience. If you missed any of my QuiltCon 2015 summary posts, they are broken down to cover:

For other points of view, check out these lovely blog post summaries:

2 Giveaways for Those Who Did Not Attend QuiltCon!

I know that not everyone had the opportunity to travel to QuiltCon, so I am offering 2 giveaway prizes to anyone who did not attend. What are the prizes? Great question! I am giving away 2 separate $20 gift certificates to Hawthorne Threads, my favorite online fabric store (no affiliation or sponsorship).

Hawthorne Threads Logo

Third Giveaway Open to Everyone!

Also, my blog post on Monday will be my 300th post on my blog. I can hardly believe that I already have 300 posts… thank you so much for following along! To celebrate this milestone, I am also giving away one $30 gift certificate to Hawthorne Threads, and this giveaway is open to everyone!


Entries accepted today through Friday, March 6th, at 10am Pacific. International entries are welcome, and the Random Number Generator will help me select the winners. You can enter to win twice by leaving two separate comments on this post:

  1. Let me know whether you did or did not attend QuiltCon (those who attended QuiltCon will only be eligible for one drawing, those that did not will be eligible for all 3 drawings).
  2. Old and new followers of Quilting Jetgirl alike: how do you follow my blog (options available on the sidebar to the right: email, Bloglovin’, Feedly, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…)?

Good luck!

224 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2015: Wrap-up and Giveaway!

  1. jmniffer says:

    201. I did not go to QuiltCon, maybe someday…

  2. jmniffer says:

    202. I follow with RSS Feeds.

  3. 203. I did not go to Quiltcon, though I really wish I could have! Thanks for sharing all your summary posts. I’ve enjoyed reading all of them this evening.

  4. Jessica P. says:

    204. I have never been, but it sure looks like it would be really fun.

  5. Jessica P. says:

    205. I follow you via Bloglovin.

  6. Ellee says:

    206. Missed QuiltCon this time. Hopefully I’ll make it in 2016.

  7. Helen says:

    207. Hi I didn’t attend quilt con but I do follow your blog , through emails and enjoy them very much

  8. 208. I did not attend quilt con :(.

  9. Michele says:

    209. I would have loved to attend Quilt Con!! Alas, it will have to happen another time!

  10. Lisa says:

    210. Unfortunately I did not attend quilt con….maybe in 2017.

  11. Lisa says:

    211. I am a new follower on bloglovin. Ironically it’s not because of the give away. It’s because I came here via someone else’s blog regarding the Thankful Thursdays link ups and hope to participate in those in the future.

  12. andpins says:

    212. Sadly, I did not attend QuiltCon but I loved your instagram photos and recaps.

  13. andpins says:

    213. I follow through wordpress and IG.

  14. Sherril McGann says:

    214. Did not attend Quiltcon. I follow you by email.

  15. 215. I (sniff, sniff…) did not attend QuiltCon. I’m hoping to go to Georgia in 2017!

  16. Vera says:

    216. I did not attend in person but enjoyed virtual share :)

  17. Annmarie says:

    217. I was not at Quilt Con…. someday!!!

  18. 218. I did not attend QuiltCOn and this is the first year that I have even heard of it – it sounds extremely exciting.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  19. 219. I follow QuiltingJetGirl via email and blog. I love your Tessellation quilt.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  20. Susan B. K. says:

    220. I did go to QuiltCon and loved meeting you there!

  21. Susan B. K. says:

    221. Congrats on your almost 300 posts! I follow you on Instagram and your blog via email.

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