Quilt Keeper Cascades

The Quilt Keeper Cascades

A few weeks ago The Quilt Keeper reached out to me again to ask if they could send me a set of their Cascades to try. I have been really thrilled with the Quilt Keeper I’ve been using on my studio door, so I was excited to see how the Cascades extensions work.

Quilt Keeper Cascades

Quilt Keeper Cascades

And the truth is, I’m excited to have a few more brightly colored quilts on display on my studio door!

Above is a real time video of how quick and easy it is to add 2 more quilts to a Quilt Keeper using the Cascades; less than 5 minutes after opening the box, I had new quilts on display on the door of my studio. It took longer to pick which 2 additional quilts to show than it did to get them hanging!

Quilt Keeper Cascades - Thickness

Quilt Keeper Cascades – Thickness

One thing that I was curious about was how thick the set of 3 quilts would be on the door. The 3 quilts that I’m displaying are Pulsar (72″ x 72″), Congruence (59½” x 59½”), and Time Expands (35″ x 45″). I measure the quilts as being 7″ away from the surface of the door at most. The door still opens and closes smoothly, and honestly having a few more quilts to help soften the echo in my studio is noticeable!

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7 thoughts on “The Quilt Keeper Cascades

  1. I have one door that the Quilt Keeper/Cascade may work on. I love how they look on your studio door.

  2. Those quilts look lovely hanging there!

  3. I do love the way it looks in your studio. I also love that it works as sound proofing in your studio…well echo- deadening. We don’t have many real doors, but there are 2 in our bedroom where we could do that. The other two real doors are the downstairs bath and laundry…less ideal…but the others are all really narrow beadboard. I may see what my husband thinks..it might eliminate one of the other quilt holders that I don’t have room for!

  4. aquilterstable says:

    What fun to have even more beautiful color in your studio. Thanks for sharing the thickness!

  5. Love that more colorful door!!!

  6. Kate says:

    You picked some beautiful quilts to hang on the door. I have a quilt ladder that I should really use, but it’s still empty.

  7. Kaja says:

    I love how this looks. I’m off now to see if I can get hold of a Quilt Keeper in the UK.

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