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Pulsar Finish and Quilt Pattern Release

I am so, so excited to get to share the finished Pulsar quilt with you today! The Pulsar digital quilt pattern is also complete and available as of today in the Quilting Jetgirl digital pattern shop. Are you ready to see more photos of the finished quilt (I sure hope you said, yes)?!?



A pulsar is a type of rotating neutron star that emits regular pulses of radio waves. My goal with this design was to capture the sense of wonder I have felt looking up at the stars, feeling only my pulse slowly beating. To represent the beating of my heart, I quilted radiating stars enlarging outward in the background. To represent the rotating aspect of a pulsar, I rotated the direction of the dense vertical lines in the background used to help define and emphasize the radiating stars. All quilting was done (over 7 weeks) with a walking foot on my domestic Juki sewing machine.

Fabrics & Materials

Pulsar - Detail

Pulsar – Detail

To test the pattern, I made the lap size version which finished at 72″ square. I used 5 color matched thread colors of 50wt Aurifil in each section of the quilt: Aurifl 2120 (Canary), 2145 (Yellow Orange), 2277 (Light Red Orange), 2460 (Dark Carmine Red), and 2784 (Dark Navy).

Pulsar - Back of Quilt

Pulsar – Back of Quilt

I used the same Kona Cotton Nightfall for the back of the quilt, and as you may have noticed, I used it for the binding as well. I had considered using a bright plaid that I had in my stash, but once I finished the quilting and trimmed the quilt square, it didn’t feel like the right choice. I also considered using Kona Cotton Burgundy as a dark red frame. In the end, I opted to match the binding to the background so that the mind considers the design to continue pulsing outward. A facing would have also worked, but as I do plan for this to be functional and gifted quilt (I’ve had a recipient in mind since I started making this one), I felt that a double fold binding would hold up the best over long term use.


Pulsar - Quilting Detail on Back of Quilt

Pulsar – Quilting Detail on Back of Quilt

I wrote a blog post about how I planned out my quilting design for Pulsar. My goal with the quilting was to enhance the design and imbue the quilt with more elements to reinforce its name and intent.

Pulsar - Quilting Detail

Pulsar – Quilting Detail

But don’t feel limited or intimidated by how I chose to quilt this version of Pulsar! I have also previously made the crib version of the quilt, and I quilted that version very minimally. This design packs a punch visually and gives you ample room to add your distinctive touch and style with fabric selection and quilting motifs.

The Pulsar pattern comes with a coloring page to help you select your fabrics, and I often use coloring pages to help me doodle and plan quilting motifs as well.

Pulsar Pattern Details

Are you ready to let your fabric shine? The Pulsar digital quilt pattern is a modern take on a classic star. The pattern uses 5 fabrics (a background fabric and 4 feature fabrics) to create a pulsing, radiating star. The striking design comes together quickly and the pattern offers full color illustrations, a coloring page, and alternate colorways to help you make your next quilt. Even better, you can choose from the 5 offered sizes: crib, baby, lap (this is the size I just finished), queen, and king.

Pulsar is on sale in my pattern shop as a digital pattern at a special introductory price of $10 through Sunday, May 30th. Once you make a Pulsar quilt of your own, you can share it via social media using the hashtag #PulsarQuilt.


I would like to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for her technical editing, advice, and consultation throughout the pattern writing and quilting process. To help keep me sane as I worked week after week on the quilting, Cheryl let me share my progress with her, which I deeply appreciate.

Alternate Options

Pulsar - Crib Size

Pulsar – Crib Size

As I mentioned above, the first time I made Pulsar, I made was the crib size. I opted for simple straight line quilting in a bold red, 12wt Aurifil thread to finish that version.

Pulsar - Alternate Colorways

Pulsar – Alternate Colorways

In the two versions of Pulsar that I have made, I opted to use dark backgrounds. I had a lot of fun thinking about how the design would look in different monochromatic colorways and lighter backgrounds. This design is perfect for solids and modern small scale prints, and I’m excited to see other versions being made and shared.



Remember, you can get the Pulsar pattern on sale in my pattern shop for only $10 through Sunday, May 30th.

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13 thoughts on “Pulsar Finish and Quilt Pattern Release

  1. Congrats on a very impressive finish! The quilting is amazing (All done with a waling foot? You do have patience!).

  2. I am sure the recipient is going to be so pleased with this quilt! It is just stunning, Yvonne. The quilting is amazing. What a great photo, too!


    A beautiful finish. I remember when you were considering the plaid binding. I liked it but thought that waiting until the end to decide was probably the best idea. Your choice really kept the focus on the pulsating star. The quilting is beautiful and really makes the quilt come to life (as does most quilting). When I compare it to the crib quilt I can see that both types of quilting work with this pattern. Congratulations.

  4. This is stunning! I think all the design choices are spot on and so glad that you had the patience to quilt the life into it! This design is fabulous, going to add it right now to my collection.

  5. aquilterstable says:

    This turned out so gorgeous, and your devoted execution of your quilting plan really did make it something super special! Beautiful finish!

  6. Bonnie in VA says:

    What an eye catching quilt this is. Great design.

  7. That main photo has got wow factor out the yin-yang! Absolutely love this one Yvonne. Lucky indeed is the person who receives it.

  8. patty says:

    Your quilt came out fabulous and the quilting is just perfect! Congrats on an awesome finish and the pattern release!

  9. Julie Vogel says:

    I absolutely love this quilt, Yvonne! Strikingly beautiful!

  10. Thanks, too, for linking up to TGIFF!

  11. Lori M says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! & your quilting is AMAZING!! :)

  12. Sarah Goer says:

    Stunning color and bold design. It look so striking with the lush greenery in the background.

  13. Preeti says:

    Stunning finish, Yvonne!!! The quilting is a perfect complement. Love the pictures too.

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