Frost Filigree Quilting Plan

Frost Filigree {Quilting Plan}

Sometimes when I travel, I have all these big ideas of what I can get accomplished. For QuiltCon this year, I was a lot more realistic: I decided to doodle and try to come up with a quilting plan for Frost Filigree.

On my flight to Raleigh, I got started with some initial quilting plan doodles. It always takes me a bit of time to warm up, but I fell into a general plan pretty quickly. However, I only doodled the background quilting for the corners and a few of the other background areas before needing to set that aside and focus my attention on being present at QuiltCon. The great thing about Procreate is that it doesn’t care that I spent time getting started on Wednesday and then finished up my doodle on Sunday.

Frost Filigree Quilting Plan

Frost Filigree Quilting Plan

This week, I made a better final sketch of my quilting plan in my design software (Inkscape). I like the juxtaposition of quilting a crosshatch in the smaller piecing areas for Frost Filigree. I usually  think of doing a crosshatch in the background, but in this case, the background was calling for more whimsical details.

I suppose now that I have such a solid plan, it’s time to get the quilt top pieced!

6 thoughts on “Frost Filigree {Quilting Plan}

  1. Liz W. says:

    That’s so gorgeous! I’m sure it will be completely mesmerizing to look at once it’s done. One question: do you have to start / stop at the beginnning / end of each of those concentric rounds?

  2. I like that crosshatch too! It will be fun watching you work your magic on this one!

  3. Kate says:

    You always have such cool quilting designs. Looking forward to seeing the whole project come together.

  4. I love your quilting plan for Frost Filigree. It will be fun to see it all quilted and bound!

  5. aquilterstable says:

    Looking forward to seeing your plan on fabric!

  6. Cindy Wiens says:

    This quilting will be another stellar addition to the quilt top.

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