Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV
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Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

When I picked up the crib sheets to make the Doggie Baby quilt on commission, I also could not resist purchasing two other really cute crib sheets with a lovely gray and white / gray yellow and white animal theme. Knowing that I can make these crib sheet baby quilts in 2 hours and have a low cost item to add to my Etsy store, I decided to get the fitted crib sheets and make another quilt to add as an Etsy listing whenever I had a free afternoon.

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

I really like how the black, gray, yellow, and white striped print frames out the quilt and pulls out the touches of yellow from the “front” side of the quilt.

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

The 50wt Aurifil 2021 (natural white) quilting blends right in and it is fun and satisfying to be able to make a 42-inch by 43.5-inch quilt in such short order.

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

I know these are not the most imaginative quilts ever made, but having an item on hand that I can gift quickly or potentially sell to someone looking for an affordable baby quilt option is satisfying.

Do you have any quick make items like these fitted crib sheet quilts that you like to make to feel productive?


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12 thoughts on “Crib Sheet Baby Quilt IV

  1. Cindy says:

    The striped binding is a perfect colour fit for the crib sheet. I have quilted panels before to have a cute quick gift. There are so many lovely panels to choose from anymore.

  2. Jasmine says:

    I love fast finishes. My go-to baby gift is tied, but I have been thinking about trying to quilt it instead. The binding you selected really makes the yellow pop.

  3. Great idea for a quick make and an affordable item to sell. I’ve got the opportunity to have my quilts in a pop up shop but adding the 20% commission fee to the prices makes them seem prohibitively expensive. Finding ways of making quilts at attractive prices definitely takes some ingenuity!

  4. I actually don’t have many of these ideas up my sleeve – I need to though. Sometimes I feel like a project has to be massive to be worth doing, but then it’s massive and difficult to stay motivated. This blanket is adorable and I’d like to give it a try at some point!

  5. Rochelle says:

    These are darling little quilts that make great use of novelty printed sheets. Anita Grossman Solomon had a quilt pattern in Quiltmaker some years ago where you used 3 coordinating one yard pieces, folded a laid on each other and cut them at the same time to make three 9-patch baby quilts mixing up the blocks. Don’t know if it is on their website but our group made a number of these for donations.

  6. Gorgeous little quilt. I really like the striped binding – haven’t been brave enough so far because I thought it would be real pain when mitring the corners – but yours look perfect.

  7. Helen says:

    These would be great backing for your other quilts Yvonne

  8. I thinks these are so cute and a very affordable option for a quick baby quilt. Every time you quilt that particular pattern I love it. I’ve tried doodling it but when I do it just looks too uniform (very linear) whereas yours seems to flow somehow. Any tips? Do you go left to right or up/down in a V pattern? Can’t seem to get it looking right when I practice.

  9. So beautiful. Great idea using the crib sheets.

  10. sally says:

    Very cute, and I would think those colours would be extremely popular in nurseries too.

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