Lucent on Display

Fair Wrapup

I submitted Triangle Transparency and Lucent to my local fair for display this year, and I wanted to wrap up on what the experience was like this year. I submitted both quilts to the same category: Large Quilts (42-inches and over), Machine Pieced and Long Arm Quilted. This is the largest group of quilts at the fair, and neither quilt won a ribbon. It was still a delight to get to see my quilts hanging overhead on display.

Triangle Transparency on DisplayImprov Rainbow Scrap Quilt

Triangle Transparency on DisplayImprov Rainbow Scrap Quilt

I should probably have thought to indicate which way is “up” on the quilts. Both were hung sideways.

Lucent on Display

Lucent on Display

Although I just assumed they would know that the prints on Lucent should right side up. It doesn’t really matter. I also noticed several quilts with hanging sleeves (indicating which way was “up”) that were hung upside down, so marking them might not make a difference.

Lucent Quilting on Display

Lucent Quilting on Display

And goodness, I loved getting to see the back side of the quilts with the way the fair hangs them.

I do have to admit to being a bit disappointed neither quilt got a ribbon. The quilts that did get ribbons did not really impress me (the binding was really terrible on one, and the quilting was a simple pantograph on another…). Reflecting on the evening my husband and I went to fair, we think that I basically just did not enter my quilts into the correct category. After the fact and thinking more about it, I just noticed that there is a separate category for Original Pattern that I should probably explore.

When I picked up the quilts, they came with the scoring card and judges comments. In general, I don’t want to say too much other than I am going to agree to disagree with the scoring and try to summon up courage to submit these to the QuiltCon 2016 juried show.

Lucent Judging Card

Lucent Judging Card

Triangle Transparency Judging Card

Triangle Transparency Judging Card


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23 thoughts on “Fair Wrapup

  1. Jenny says:

    Definitely submit to Quiltcon 2016. Not knowing anything about your local fair I suspect the judges are used to a broad range of quilts and just don’t ‘get’ modern quilting. The score on your design of Transparency in my view shows that as well as the scores for color/visual. Maybe the original pattern category would have been better and let’s be frank, as a serial copyist (!) myself, your unique designs and then execution with colour choices etc show a breadth of skill/creativity lacking in those quilters like me who go for tried and tested.

  2. RuthB says:

    They scored very high on workmanship and quilting so that’s a really good take away – go submit them to Quiltcon – I think you might be wondering about it if you don’t and they are gorgeous and deserve another airing!

  3. shecanquilt says:

    Yes, submit them to QuiltCon. Modern quilts have a hard time in categories which also include traditional quilts as their clean lines and minimalism and negative space are often seen as not “difficult” or “intricate” when compared to the more traditional quilts. Also, judging is so subjective. These are beautiful modern quilts.

  4. Judy says:

    I always find the judges comments so interesting – and I think the comments you received are a definite indication that the Original Pattern category would have been a good fit for both of them. I have done a good amount of reading regarding submitting quilts to shows and surprisingly, most of the ‘experts’ say that category choice is one of the trickiest and important part of the process.

    I’m going to join the chorus and say submit them to QuiltCon! 🙂

  5. Cindy says:

    I have never entered a quilt for judging. I do agree with the others though go for it and enter them in Quiltcon.

  6. Liz says:

    Interesting to see how judging went. I’d also agree to disagree, their opinions are way off. I think that shecanquilt is on the right track, the impact of a more modern design when competing against traditional quilts makes people underestimate the amount of work that goes into them. Good luck with any future submissions!

  7. Paige says:

    Sometimes judging doesn’t always go the way it should, nice to see that your marks for quilting were excellent! Thank you for the reminder about Jaftex 85th anniversary. There are so many hops it’s hard to keep up.

  8. Judging is so subjective. I agree with so many of the other comments – modern quilts judged against traditional, category choice. The scores on quilting and workmanship were high and that’s exciting. I would definitely submit to QuiltCon…it’s a different venue with different expectations for the submissions and your quilts definitely meet those criteria!

  9. I love your quilts and would agree with the other commentors that the judges are just not used to the more modern design. I would focus on the written comments which all were really good and really really positive. You should submit them to QuiltCon! (and to turn the judging back on them, in the one of the score cards they did not even spell pattern correctly)

  10. Sherry VF says:

    Well, you’re a winner in my book. They especially loved your quilting. I agree with the others that the modern quilt community would appreciate these beauties. Hope you enter at QuiltCon.

  11. Jayne Willis says:

    You never know how judging will go. Subjective. The next showing may be completely different. You entered them and that takes a lot of guts! Which I have yet to muster! Quiltcon is always a great start! I’m sure it is a little disappointing, who wouldn’t want to win a ribbon?! Your quilts are wonderful…judged or not!

  12. Sorry to hear that you didn’t win. I think they are awesome quilts! But as Jayne above says, you had the courage to submit them — not something I think I would have done. Don’t let them stop you from entering other events.

  13. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    I have been told to enter a quilt into our local fair before but the thought terrifies me! Lol. I’ve had the ‘maybe next year’ thought swirling around my mind since our fair wrapped up last week. I would love to see what a judge has to say about my work, but I’d also be a little afraid of all the mistakes I make being nit-picked. But a year is a lot of time for learning. 🙂 I say enter your quilt into QuiltCon! If anything, you get to share your creations with even more people and maybe make an impression on them creatively!

  14. Renee says:

    I am anxious and nervous about seeing how my quilts did at the state fair here. I saw Afton on Monday and she hinted that I did not get any first places (though maybe the guild banner did, but it’s not entered under my name–she is very secretive about what she saw at the judging). But it is so hard to put SO much into your quilts and then not be recognized for that effort, time, or creativity! I do hope we are able to get some quilts into QuiltCon this year! I do love both of these quilts and am disappointed they didn’t get any ribbons. The quilts with hanging sleeves not being hung correctly doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that the people doing the set up (and perhaps judging) know a lot about what is going on…

  15. Sheila Ivany says:

    Yes please enter next year. I have seen quilts not win a ribbon at one fair but won 1st at another. As stated before judging is very subjective in any competition, people have likes & dislikes, One might put more thought into appearance, while another workmanship is important. Everyone have an opinion depending on their history. Personal satisfaction is more important than a ribbon. I am proud of you for sharing this with us. Happy Quilting 🙂

  16. YES…you must submit to Quilt Con! Each show uses their own judging format, and the point system you’ve shown may not be the one they use. I think you’re right about shifting your quilts to the original design category in this show, too. Next time!

  17. Jasmine says:

    I think agreeing to disagree is a good idea. I am just glad they recognized your beautiful quilting and excellent workmanship.

  18. quiltyhabit says:

    Definitely submit! I’m not sure I agree with the comments just because they seem a little… vague/not very technical?

  19. 25 out of 25 is a pretty good score for your quilting! Quilting is ‘art’ and as with art it is all up to the interpretation of the persons opinion of the judge. Your quilts are lovely with great design and good colour combination so put it behind you and move on to Quilt con.

  20. I also disagree with some of the judging scores. Putting your heart and soul (in quilt form) has got to be very difficult but try and not get discouraged. I absolutely think you she submit them to QuiltCon 2016!

  21. I think its great you entered both your quilts! They both look like winners to me!

  22. sally says:

    Without wanting to be rude about those organising that show, the fact that your quilts (and others) were upside down doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence! Definitely go for QuiltCon.

  23. For sure go enter them. I feel like your originality and uniqueness were not quite appreciated in the fair. Don’t let this experience bog you. 🙂

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)