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Welcome to my stop on the Trunk Full Of Quilts online quilt trunk show event hosted by Soma @Whims and Fancies. If you are new to my blog, I hope that you will take a few minutes to look around. In addition to the quilts I highlight below, you can find all of my finishes for the last 6 years on the tabs above along with tutorials, discussions, and even a free equilateral (60°) triangle calculator tool that I just created and am excited about.

Online Trunk Show 2015

I heard about Soma’s online truck show through Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs, and I am very excited about it. I have never done an actual, in-person trunk show. This link party gave me an excuse to look back through the quilts I have made throughout the years and share some of my favorites. I also love that I can share quilts that are no longer in my possession for this quilt show!

“Fall is Coming”

Fall is Coming - Queen Sized Quilt
Fall is Coming – Queen Sized Quilt

I worked on Fall is Coming in the fall and winter of 2010-2011, and I specifically made the quilt for my in laws. I was thinking about making a lap quilt for them, but I just couldn’t stop making blocks and it ended up being large enough to fit their queen sized bed. I just love that they use it every day. My mother in law has told me that one of her favorite parts of the day is waking up and having a cup of coffee in her bed, looking at the quilt and out the window opposite the foot of her bed into their backyard. She likes to rotate the quilt to coordinate with the season (green at the foot for spring / summer and orange at the foot as shown above for fall / winter). The pattern for this quilt is called Four Square and can be found in the book “Cozy Modern Quilts” (not an affiliate link). I paid to have an oak leaf pantograph quilted across the quilt; this was before I had learned to free motion quilt or had tried anything other than stitch in the ditch quilting on my own.

Blue Rover

Blue Rover
Blue Rover

Blue Rover is a quilt that I made for my brother in 2011 and it is based on the Red Rover pattern out of “Cozy Modern Quilts“. My brother love black (with minimal white) and blue together, and it was a treat to be able to make something for him. I know he loves the quilt, because the photo above is while he was in the hospital when his wife was in labor with my niece. He reported that her labor and delivery room was freezing and he was glad to have the quilt I made him on hand to keep warm.

Synesthetic Alphabet

Synesthetic Alphabet
Synesthetic Alphabet

My husband has multiple forms of what is known as synesthesia. Synesthesia is an interesting neurological phenomena where sensory experiences are combined. Many synesthetics associate vivid colors with things like letters, days of the week, or smells. In addition, my husband visualizes 3D shapes associated with many things. I designed this quilt to represent his view of the alphabet. The rows left to right, top to bottom, are his letters A through Z. To help represent the 3D way he sees letters, I quilted the outline for each of the letter blocks and surrounded them with dense, square meander quilting. If you are curious about more details, I have previously blogged about the creative process for Synesthetic Alphabet.

Cocoa Leaf Medallion

In terms of quilting, I am probably the most proud of my quilting work on the Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt. I know I resort to all over quilting designs and straight line quilting a lot in my work, so this quilt really reminds me of what I can accomplish with my quilting.

Triangle Transparency

Triangle Transparency
Triangle Transparency

For almost a year, my favorite quilt that I have designed and made was Triangle Transparency. I spent a long time working to find the group of fabrics that I wanted to use for the pattern. I could have chosen to use Kona solids easily enough, but I really wanted to find a grouping of modern prints that read as solids. My current favorite quilt is a quilt I can’t share with you just yet… but the next quilt is also at the top of my favorites.

Red Herring

Red Herring
Red Herring

I really love how graphic Red Herring reads from the use of solids for the quilt top. The design just tickles me, and it was a really fun quilt for me to create. Sometimes having something that is just silly, fun, and purely enjoyable is such a breath of fresh air.

Thank you so much for checking out a handful of my favorite quilts, and I hope you will visit Soma @Whims and Fancies to see what others are sharing, too.


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  • Thank you for sharing!
    I loved your collection of quilts.
    My favorite is the Triangle Transparency – an excellent choice of fabrics to get the gradation in colors.

  • all of them are wonderful, but I think Synesthetic Alphabet is my favorite, I love why you made it and it just pops off the screen.

  • Great trunk show, Yvonne! Doesn’t it just give you warm fuzzies to see your quilts being used? Goodness, you and your brother could be twins!! 🙂 I have a special love for Triangle Transparency but it is absolutely impossible to pick a favorite out of this great line up!

  • Fantastic body of work or representation thereof. I love the alphabet quilt and the quilting with it. It is always good to be reminded that there are many different ways people see things. My husband has severe dyslexia and the processes he goes through to do certain reading/writing/math related activities is mind boggling. I’ve read that some people can see musical notes as colors.

  • It’s great to see all of your quilts from recent years. I don’t think I’d ever seen the one for your in-laws or your brother, and I completely forgot about Cocoa Leaf Medallion. Really like all the quilting on that one and the texture and definition that it gives the quilt. Glad to see it and some of the more recent ones again.

  • I really enjoyed this Yvonne: Many of these quilts are quilts I’ve never seen. The synesthetic alphabet is really interesting. Especially with the explanation. The quilting in the cocoa leaf quilt is wonderful. Was that done on a domestic machine or a long arm?

  • Wonderful to see some quilts I hadn’t seen before, along with the ones I am more familiar with 🙂 The quilting detail in the Cocoa Leaves quilt is so wonderful, and must be such a swell of achievement! I also love how happy your brother looks in his quilt…of course it was a happy occasion, but what a fun pic to have! Thanks for bringing your trunk to the show 🙂

  • I’m loving seeing peoples work like this, in one post shows so much creativity and happy eye candy – I still love the cocoa leaves – following that through all the steps was really informative and fun!

  • How delightful to walk through your gallery of quilts. I must say your Synesthetic Alphabet is amazing…it certainly pops out of your post. I am amazed by your intricate quilting….it is lovely.

  • Beautiful quilts! The pic of your brother wrapped up in the quilt in the L&D room made me laugh. My husband would have killed for a warm quilt to keep him warm while we were in the hospital after I had my daughter. It’s probably the only time in our lives that I was burning up and he was freezing because I had the heat turned down so low!

  • Lovely to see them altogether like that, an online trunk show works well! And more leaving us hanging – with your new current favourite! Very unfair!

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