Spaceship Tic-Tac Pieced Top

Spaceship Tic-Tac – Piecing

My favorite part of any quilt project is piecing the top. I love seeing how a pattern comes together, and it it super fun to flip through the photos and condense time to see the top come together. Instead of having you flip though photos to get the effect, I put together a quick timelapse video.

Spaceship Tic-Tac Pieceing Timelapse Video

Super satisfying, right? If only it really went together that quickly!

Now you might notice in the video that the black block in the third row decided that it didn’t like my original layout and was sewn in 90 degrees from my original placement. I figured that it must be happier like that, so I left it in its updated orientation.

Spaceship Tic-Tac Pieced Top

Spaceship Tic-Tac Pieced Top

I really love how the fussy cutting of the spaceships turned out, and the polka dot prints are pretty forgiving of the piecing in this pattern. Tic-Tac is a pattern out of Cozy Modern Quilts, by the way. I made my first Tic-Tac quilt based on the pattern in the book, and I just made this one up as I went in order to get a baby size quilt out of the fabrics I had on hand for this quilt top.

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0 thoughts on “Spaceship Tic-Tac – Piecing

  1. Joanna says:

    What a fun quilt! I like how it’s not screaming BOY so a space loving little girl would like this too!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Your fabric choices go with the little spaceships so well, and although I don’t typically go for quilts with representational fabrics, this one is a keeper. I would totally give this to my little boy if I had one!

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