October 2023: I am not accepting new clients and do not expect to be able to accept new clients through much of 2024.

I keep my client base small so that I can edit patterns in 1-2 business days after receipt. I work on technical editing Monday-Friday. In order to maintain that turnaround time, I periodically will not have the capability to immediately accept new clients.

As a technical editor, I look the pattern over from a general editing perspective (mostly looking for comma splices and good grammar) while I also check the yardages, piece counts, and general construction of the pattern. I can work with Word files, PDF files, and Google drive documents. If there is another format you would like to submit your patterns in, we can discuss how to approach that as well. I use track changes in Word, highlights and comments on PDFs, and “suggestions” in Google drive documents to note my suggested changes. I prefer to make these “notes” to allow you to see what changes I am suggesting instead of just blanket updating a file. *Note: I prefer to work with PDF files.

I charge an hourly rate for my time and I bill in 5 minute increments. I keep a spreadsheet of my time that is shared with you so you can always have access to my time and billing information. I generally bill at the end of each pattern, or if you know you have several patterns to work on, on about a once a month basis.

It is very hard for me to say how long a specific pattern may take to edit, but the first pattern I work on with someone is usually the pattern that takes the most time. We both are getting used to each other and while I will try to ask questions to familiarize myself beforehand (what assumption for WOF do you use, what width of binding strips do you prefer, etc.), there is a learning curve for us both in the first pattern. On average, the first pattern with a new client takes about 75 minutes.

I ask that new clients sign a contract. The contract will remain in effect for as long as you are an active client. If a client has not sent a new pattern to me in a year, I remove them from my active client list and will require them to sign a new contract prior to working with them again.

If you can think of any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at yvonne(at)quiltingjetgirl(dot)com.

Small Sampling of Current Clients

Cheryl Brickey

“Yvonne is an excellent technical writer and has a great ability to work through a pattern improving both the math and the flow of instructions for quilt patterns. Her work ethic and ability to keep time commitments is fantastic. I know that once Yvonne has reviewed my quilt design patterns, they are clear, easy to understand, and error free.” – Cheryl Brickey, Meadow Mist Designs

Kirsty Cleverly
Riane Elise

“When I started down the road of self-publishing my own patterns and a book, I knew I needed someone to provide technical editing expertise. Quilt math is not one of my strengths, and having someone I could trust to make sure my instructions were thorough and accurate was crucial. Yvonne was the perfect person for the job! She was (and continues to be) incredibly easy to work with, and with her engineering background I know I can trust her completely. She is quick to respond to emails and questions, and she always sets reasonable expectations for timelines and delivering edits back.
Together, we worked to find ways to explain unconventional quilting techniques and block sizes, and Yvonne helped me alter a few patterns to better fit standard width-of-fabric sizes. Yvonne also suggested ways to improve consistency and clarity for each pattern — going above and beyond the “technical” side of her job and making the patterns as clear and concise as possible.
I would recommend technical editing to any pattern writer to double check the math and construction techniques. A technical editor will give a fresh look to your work and can give you peace of mind when you release your work into the wild.” – Riane

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill