Playful Partial Seams Coloring Page and Templates

Playful Partial Seams

Playful Partial Seams

In the Playful Partial Seams workshop, we will be working toward making a 24″ square mini quilt. The mini quilt requires 2 fabrics (Fabric A and Fabric B), and large scale prints are fun options for both Fabric A and B! In the sample mini quilt shown above, I used Tula Pink Eden Deity in the ‘Sherbert’ Colorway for Fabric A and Create Navy Colour Me Happy Stripes by Kristy from Quiet Play for Fabric B.

Download the Coloring Page and Templates


When working with curves in the workshop, you may use the templates that you can download above or standard 6″ finished / 6½” unfinished Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates. You may use the printed templates from the workshop provided pattern and a fabric marking device of your choice, but if you are not using acrylic templates, I highly recommend transferring the templates onto template material for the workshop. Be sure to also add the reference seam lines to your template.

I personally use and recommend acrylic templates from Jen Carlton-Bailly. You can purchase 6½” acrylic templates from Jen or a 6-size set.

Note: If you have your own set of Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates, I recommend printing out the templates from the link above and verifying that your templates match the concave and convex shapes.


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