“Hi Yvonne –

I had to write to tell you how perfect the place mats are for my table and house. Amanda said she just told you the colors and you designed and made them – and they are so well made. My round table loves their round shape and the beach-y cottage look is just my style.
Congratulations on your quilting business. I know you will be successful judging from my pieces.
My best,

“I just took a nap with [my quilt] this afternoon and was toasty warm! And thanks again (and again and again) for my beautiful quilt!” – Elizabeth 1/12/2014

“I have been looking for a quilt on and off for years and hadn’t found one that I felt like I had to take home. When I mentioned this to Yvonne, she was interested in making one for me. I had no idea how to choose a pattern or material so she guided me through the process by having me show her a couple basic colors and an idea on a pattern (I asked for something relatively simple with squares). I am amazed at what she created! Not only is it the most beautiful quilt I could have asked for, but she made it quickly and with the highest quality of everything including the intricate stitching; it’s made to last. It’s a beautiful work of art, wonderful to curl up under, and amazes me every time I look at it!” – Beth Holle, 1/17/2014

“Seeing this makes me smile. Yvonne made this beautiful quilt for me 3yrs ago. My daughter still uses this quilt as her play blanket. She still loves it. Thank you.” – DreadDiva 1/12/2014

“We love our “Fall is Coming” quilt and honestly can’t imagine how dull our bedroom must have been before we put it on our bed.  This large quilt is so well made that after almost three years of use and several washings it still looks like new.  Every morning as we sit in bed sipping our coffee, we delight in the lovely forest of colors covering us.  It’s a wonderful way to start each day!” – Katy and Frank 1/12/2014

“I love this quilt. I have always had a fondness for monkeys and frogs. The generous nature of quilting jetgirl has kept my love of these two animals growing. Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. You are so kind.” – Niki Dugue, 1/13/2014

“I don’t know what to say about the quilt you made Collin other than we LOVE it. It’s so beautiful and every one in our family (not just the baby) loves it and uses it. It’s big, so he will use it for a long time, not just in his crib. I use it sitting on the couch, reading books. My 8 year old stole it to sleep under the other night. The colors are bright and beautiful and I love the pattern. It’s a ton of fun. The backing fabric is just that, too: FUN. Love the tie-dye hearts. When you started the quilt, we didn’t know the gender of our baby and this is the perfect gender-neutral gift. It has every color in the rainbow.” – Sariah, 1/15/2014

“I still can’t believe Yvonne was able to tie together all the fabrics my wife Delia and I chose for this quilt. This quilt was made for our son Owen and we were going for a southwest theme. I think Delia and I got fabric happy and simply chose fabrics that had patterns and colors we liked without any real thought towards color matching or consistency. Yvonne put this quilt together and it’s amazing how she was able to make such a handsome pattern out of all those fabrics. This quilt was always around to keep us warm in our cool house and also served as a crawling platform and drool pad :-)” – Matt and Delia Kampner, 1/14/2014

“My husband and I received Yvonne’s Stargazer quilt as a wedding gift. We love that she clearly put her knowledge of us into the creation. The colors and fabric represent our love of the outdoors and the size of the quilt even make it usable in a tent or out in the backyard, looking up at the sky. My favorite thing, though, is that I can feel the love and care that was sewn into the quilt every time I snuggle under it. And who doesn’t want to feel loved?” – Paisley Close 1/13/2014

“This is the second quilt that Yvonne made for us for our second kid (Grace) and it is beautiful. The free motion quilting technique adds so much to the quilt, it really ends up being a piece of art that you can drape over the couch or place on the floor for Grace to crawl and drool on. She usually rolls over onto her stomach, picks her face up off the quilt and seems to be in awe of the colors and patterns. We love this quilt and it is definitely holding up against everything a baby and a toddler throw at it. This time around, Delia and I gave more thought to choosing fabrics that matched with a more specific theme: butterflies.” – Matt and Delia Kampnter, 1/14/2014

“My pillow quilt lives on my reading armchair as a pillow and looks great, but is also perfect to curl-up under while reading. Thank you!” – Stephanie 1/12/2014

“We use the placemats that Yvonne made daily.  They were made with loving precision from the cheerful, green, orange, and yellow leaf-pattern fabrics that were leftover from the quilt she made for us.  The placemats match in that they are all of the same colors, but each one is unique in pattern.” – Katy and Frank 1/12/2014

“I bought Yvonne’s beautiful blue and white wintery placemats as a Christmas gift for my parents.  They love them!  I visited with them recently, and Mom used the placemats at lunchtime.  They looked great on her dark wood table with her white dishes.” – Katy 1/12/2014

“We love our vibrantly colored and creatively pieced placemats (they compliment our Fiestaware collection perfectly!!!) and use them with every meal. They are easy to launder, and the colors have not faded despite much use.” – Stephanie 1/12/2014

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