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Muditā {Finished Quilt}

I finished Muditā on Friday afternoon, so I snuck it in as a finish that I can share with the May Favorite Finish linkup.



Muditā finished at 13¾” wide by 23¼” tall. Just like with every other step of this process, after trimming the quilt into the rectangular shape it wanted to be (yes, those are odd measurements, but the proportions fit nicely), the quilt then clearly needed the bottom corners to be rounded. I used the 4″ finished convex drunkard’s path template I used for many of the inset circles to trim the bottom two corners of the quilt. Because of the rounded corners, I opted to cut the binding on the bias from an 18″ square.

Muditā - Detail of Quilted Appliqué Circle Over Oil Stain

Muditā – Detail of Quilted Appliqué Circle Over Oil Stain

The quilted, appliquéd circle to cover the oil stain turned out great. I honestly like the composition better with the additional striped circle added. Both the hand work to sew down the binding and this appliquéd circle were fortuitously timed with a bit of time spent in waiting rooms. My thyroid has apparently gone into overdrive (hyperthyroidism) and I’m not feeling all that great in my body at the moment. My doctors are taking this seriously and I’ll be seeing a specialist in a week; I’m confident that I’ll have more answers and a path toward feeling better soon.

Muditā - Quilt Back

Muditā – Quilt Back

I love the pieced element on the quilt back that I will use as the quilt label. I also opted to go ahead and add a hanging sleeve to Muditā, which is ultimately why I didn’t get the quilt finished in time to share at the end of last week. Even with all of the folding into a small travel bag and schlepping from here to there, the quilt easily presses flat again and should look lovely hanging. Now I just need to pick a location to hang and display the quilt at home!

Muditā - Details

Muditā – Details

As a quick recap,

Muditā is a dharmic concept of joy, particularly an especially sympathetic or vicarious joy – the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being. [Source: Wikipedia]

I found a lot of delight and pleasure in May working through letting the Muditā quilt talk to me. May we all continue to find delight in our pursuits and celebrate others well-being.

Read more about Muditā:

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13 thoughts on “Muditā {Finished Quilt}

  1. Lovely finish! Hopefully you’ll soon have your thyroid under control.

  2. The bottom curved corners were a perfect choice. Good luck with getting the thyroid under control – glad you are able to see the specialist so quickly.

  3. You did a fabulous job on the quilt. I love the fun bottom finish, adds to the whole curvy appeal! The addition of the applique circle was a great solution. Good luck this week with the doctor – hope they find some solutions. Separate email about my hyper experience coming up.

  4. So fun to see this finish, Yvonne. I’m sure you will smile each time you see it hanging in its perfect spot. Hope you get things figured out healthwise and are back to feeling much better soon!

  5. Vicki in MN says:

    What a great finish! Sending good thoughts you get your medical issue straightened out.

  6. Kate says:

    A very joyful combination of colors, shapes and patterns. The quilting looks great too. Congrats on a very fun finish. Sorry you aren’t doing so hot. It is miserable to not feel well. Fingers crossed they come up with a solution really quickly.

  7. aquilterstable says:

    What a lovely finish. A real celebration of enjoying the process.

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    I love the movement in this piece. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Oooooh…this is amazing. Great colours. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. chrisknits says:

    What an awesome quilt!! I am testing out sewing circles at the moment for a guild challenge. It’s becoming a real challenge!!

  11. It’s really an eye-catching quilt and I’m glad you rounded those bottom two corners (but of course! the quilt replied). I like that label too. Hope you do get to the bottom of the thyroid problems very soon.

  12. I love this one!!! it just draws you in and makes you want to look closer at all the details. Rounding the corners was brilliant. hope your health is getting better… its quite scary when things like that flare.

  13. I second all the comments about the curved corners. And that oil-stain fix? Brilliant! What I perhaps love most of all, however, is the sense of movement created by positioning those stripes at different angles. I think I speak for all of us when I request a pic of this beauty’s home on one of your walls! : )

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