Muditā - Third and Fourth Inset Circles

Muditā {Pieced Top and Back}

I have really enjoyed piecing the top and backing for Muditā, but it has certainly gone at a pace dictated by my ability to focus and listen.

Muditā - Second Inset Circle

Muditā – Second Inset Circle

The circle of background fabric that I had to trim away  in order to piece in the first inset circle clearly asked to be added back to the composition. My interpretation of Muditā (loosely translated: the joy we vicariously enjoy  in delighting in others well-being) is that Muditā causes a shift; an alteration of mood; a change in perspective. Inserting the background scrap offset and at an angle represents this joyful exploration and change.

Muditā - Third and Fourth Inset Circles

Muditā – Third and Fourth Inset Circles

After working through that thought process, I knew that the next inset circles would continue that conversation by overlapping one another. And goodness, I love the fourth inset circle with the two different orientations of stripes and sliver of the first inset circle fabric.

Muditā - Auditioning Possible Layout

Muditā – Auditioning Possible Layout

To be clear, before cutting the quilt top and sewing in the next inset circle, I spend quite a bit of time auditioning possible sequencing. And every time, the quilt only really let me make the next choice.

Muditā - Pieced Quilt Top

Muditā – Pieced Quilt Top

The quilt top is comprised of one 8″ circle, four 6″ circles, and four 4″ circles. The smaller circles were definitely a lot more challenging to piece, but try as I might, the quilt did not want the circles to get larger. Right now my plan is to leave the top and sides of this mini quilt square, and I plan to round the bottom of the quilt to make it more like a banner. As such, the final size of this is yet to be finalized. I plan to leave it large and trim it to size after quilting.

Muditā - Pieced Backing

Muditā – Pieced Backing

I did love some of the other fabrics/colors I pulled to audition for the quilt top that did not make it in, so I sewed them into the backing. This will make the perfect label for the back of the quilt – I’ll be able to write in the solid yellow.

Time to baste and see how this quilt wants to be quilted!

8 thoughts on “Muditā {Pieced Top and Back}

  1. Kathy R. says:

    This is interesting, in a good way. The circles stand out nicely. This looks like it will make a nice quilt.

  2. The feeling that comes with experimenting with a design and having it work is so good, isn’t it? This is a very fun design, and I really like that fourth circle, too!

  3. Whoa!!! I love this experiment!!! The circles are so cool and by adding back your pieces it just added the Coolest movement ( to me!) Love it!!!

  4. aquilterstable says:

    Such an intriguing piece! I love that fourth circle too. I appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout, as always. Enjoy the quilting!

  5. This is such an interesting piece and fun to watch its development. Using the stripe certainly adds to the challenge but you and the quilt seem to have a way of speaking to each other and it is working!

  6. Well, you sure had me grinning by the end of this post! It is the most wonderful feeling to get lost in the whimsy, and when your muse whispers or, as it sounds, in this case, commands! I love everything about this right down to the label on the back which reminds me of my current QAL where the original had a similar idea for a label!

  7. Kate says:

    Very organic in the way you did the design. The colors with those stripes is just so fun. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this. Your quilting always adds another layer to the design.

  8. Elizabeth E. says:

    Such serendipity! BTW, that’s one of my favorite words, and I’m sharing it with your quilt — sometimes we just have to pay attention to the zone, and join in the play! Glad it’s coming along well, and that you are enjoying the process. Of course, since I’m writing this backwards, I already know some of the outcome.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)