2024 Q1 Finishes
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2024 Quilting Q1 Check In

I wanted to wait until we had officially made it through the first three months of 2024 before writing up my first quarterly check in post for the year. Pretty much entirely due to Project Quilting, I’m feeling like the year started off with a lot of productivity and finishes. I suppose it’s going to be interesting to see if other priorities got juggled around as a result. Here are my highlights:

2024 Q1 Finishes

2024 Q1 Finishes

Just like it felt like, I definitely started off the year with a nice grouping of finishes:

  1. Orange Peel Chain (Project Quilting 15.6)
  2. Quilted Wrist Cuff (Project Quilting 15.5)
  3. Time Expands (Project Quilting 15.4)
  4. Inside Out (Project Quilting 15.3)
  5. Scala
  6. Sky Color Mini (Project Quilting 15.2)
  7. Bird on a Nest Placemat (Project Quilting 15.1)
  8. Quilted, Insulated Passthrough Cover

Looking back at my 2024 Goal Setting post, I definitely MORE than succeeded in my goal to make at least one “just for fun” quilt this quarter.

2024 Q1 Current WIPs

2024 Q1 Current WIPs

I currently have 2 active Work in Progress quilts:

  1. Lap Size version of Star Pulse using Phosphor Electric by Libs Elliot for Andover Fabrics as part of the Star Pulse Quilt Along
  2. Frost Filigree

I know I am usually a one at a time kind of quilter, but I do make an exception for that when I am participating in a quilt along. And it might sound weird, but I think I’m going to let Frost Filigree hang out for a bit an work on another quilt first… I’ll be sharing more about this squirrel project soon (hint: some of my recent fabric purchases were made specifically with this in mind)!

2024 Q1 Pattern and Tutorial

2024 Q1 Pattern and Tutorial

I released and shared about one quilt pattern and one tutorial this quarter:

  1. Scala
  2. Quilted Wrist Cuff Photo Tutorial
2024 Q1 Other Fun Stuff

2024 Q1 Other Fun Stuff

I also had some really unexpected and fun things happen this quarter!

  1. Cloudy Night Sky won the Best Machine Quilting award at QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh, NC
  2. I was asked to be one of the judges for this year’s Pantone Quilt Challenge
  3. I’m hosting the monthly Favorite Finishes linkup this year (one of my goals; so far, so good!)

Being a judge for the Pantone Quilt Challenge will help me try something new in Q2 (fun!).

On my life goals:

  1. I just had my first dental cleaning of the year (every 6 months) and have my first ever cavity that I will have to have filled in a few weeks, I scheduled and have just completed my yearly mammogram (I do expect to need a follow up ultrasound, and all of this really officially happening at the beginning of Q2), and I’m thinking it’s time to get some more blood work done to check on my thyroid. So I’m on track to keep up with my regular doctor’s appointments.
  2. I’m consistently exercising and meditating. I find that using a monthly printed calendar to color code and track my progress is very helpful.
  3. I’m on pace with my goal to read 1-2 books a month.
  4. I am definitely working on giving myself grace. That’s something that does not come easily, and needing to re-prioritize some business goals due to life needs is feeling very sticky right now. I’m working through it as best I can (trying to navigate the health insurance system and costs is stressful).

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8 thoughts on “2024 Quilting Q1 Check In

  1. Kate says:

    You’ve had a great year for the finishes and it’s only March. Winning at Quilt Con has to be a highlight this year, hard to top that. I’m sorry you are dealing with health issues. Having some of that myself, I hear you on dealing with the insurance and the cost. Hope everything resolves on that front very quickly.

  2. So many fun finishes so far! I really enjoyed the project quilting challenges and will play again next time. And go you for focusing on health and checkups and such. Very important investment!

  3. Hang in there, hope all goes well with your tests. Lovely finishes!

  4. You have had a great quarter. Sounds like you are keeping up with the important things for you too! Best wishes for a second quarter filled with just the right balance of self care, creativity and productivity.

  5. aquilterstable says:

    Your first quarter was amazingly productive. Congrats!!

  6. You had an AWESOME start to the year – so much colorful goodness and inspirations!!! I really like learning how you approach challenges and your design process – your mind must never rest!

  7. Melanie says:

    I am sorry that on top of health issues you also have to worry about insurance and costs. Reading that, I am very happy that is not a cause for concern here. Hope you will be better soon! And big congrats again on your QuiltCon win and all the other projects. xo

  8. Kaja says:

    What a quarter! Congratulations on your win and, more generally on meeting your goals and being so productive. It sounds like your quilt/life balance is pretty good at the moment.

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