March Stash Enhancement - Stash Fabrics Order

March Stash Enhancement

When I received my print order from Superbuzzy in February and realized that I didn’t do much to add to my VERY depleted yellow print stash, I pretty much immediately went back and placed another fabric order. This time, I ordered from Stash Fabrics.

March Stash Enhancement - Stash Fabrics Order

March Stash Enhancement – Stash Fabrics Order

This fabric went on a JOURNEY you guys, and I am so happy it is finally here. For a long time, USPS was not updating the tracking information. Then it just said, “delivery running late.” I knew that this wasn’t due to any fault of Stash Fabrics, so I just figured I’d wait and see how it played out. Once the order showed back up in the tracking system, it only took a few more days to get to me. But I’m super curious where it was hiding out for almost a month!

March Stash Enhancement - Stash Fabrics Order

March Stash Enhancement – Stash Fabrics Order

All is well that ends well, though, and the box and fabric were in pristine condition when it arrived. I ordered and received (from left to right):

My print bins might not be bursting at the seams, but they are now well stocked with more than just scraps!

8 thoughts on “March Stash Enhancement

  1. Great prints. It is the most frustrating thing when a package goes missing in the USPS tracking system. I’m glad yours finally showed up!

  2. What a great bundle of fabrics – I wonder what adventures they went on while you were waiting for them! Do you know what fabrics you want to order, or do you just look through their fabrics and choose as you go? I love Stash Fabrics, they have a great collection.

  3. You have a luscious bundle of fabrics to work on! I have had that happen and actually had the shipper notify USPS as you can’t really do it on your own. I think some of these secondary shippers get overwhelmed and they only take so much at a time, so you wait until they get to the bottom of that box. It doesn’t appear to be a first in first out…and the priority of the shipping somehow makes this happen, too.

  4. aquilterstable says:

    Crazy how that slow delivery works sometimes but yay for the order finally arriving and your print bins a little fuller.

  5. Jean Blythe says:

    That’s a great bundle. I joined into a Galentine’s swap with Sewtopia in February. The package from my partner went from her house near Chicago to the East coast, back to St. Louis, finally back to me in central Illinois!

  6. Cindy Wiens says:

    You chose some really beautiful additions to the stash. Looking forward to seeing what they become. 🙂

  7. Kate says:

    Yellows are always hard to find and run low frequently in my stash. Looks like you found a great mix for your stash refresh.

  8. kaja says:

    The yellows in this bundle are particularly appealing – great choices!

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