Frost Filigree - Pieced Quilt Top

Frost Filigree {Pieced Quilt Top}

It has been busy here on my blog for the past few weeks, and during that time I’ve been making slow progress toward getting the quilt top for Frost Filigree pieced but I just haven’t had time to work it into my posting schedule. As I was working, I started to worry that I was just going to have to have a “ta-da” blog post that just shared the pieced quilt top. Over the weekend, I was able to get the quilt top pieced, and I definitely have a bit more to share with you today than just the quilt top. :)

Frost Filigree - Pinning Rows Together

Frost Filigree – Pinning Rows Together

Knowing that precision was going to be key to the way the design comes together, I took my time and pinned the seams together for each row.

Fixing Alignment

Fixing Alignment

Even with the pinning, not every seam lined up perfectly on the first pass. Into every life, a little seam ripping must fall, right?

Fixing Alignment

Fixing Alignment

Honestly, I think it’s pretty magical that a seam ripper is like an “undo” button in software. The ability to make these slight changes is delightful.

Fixing Alignment

Fixing Alignment

I did need to rip more than 3 areas, but these three “before and after” are good representations of the areas that I though were worth taking the time to adjust.

Frost Filigree - Pieced Quilt Top

Frost Filigree – Pieced Quilt Top

So hooray, the Frost Filigree quilt top is pieced and I am so delighted with the way the color gradient works. I think I’ll need to set the quilt top aside for a bit because I have a fun idea for the last Project Quilting prompt for this year (15.6 Irish Chain) and so that I can make forward progress on my second Star Pulse quilt for the quilt along, but hopefully in the next week or two I can get the quilting plan marked out.

What are you working on?

4 thoughts on “Frost Filigree {Pieced Quilt Top}

  1. Another fun design, and those matching points are amazing!

  2. aquilterstable says:

    Precision is definitely key in your design. You’ve made great progress, and it’ll be fun to come back to soon.

  3. I’m going to remind myself of your Undo analogy next time I need to seam rip. It’s a more accepting approach! I love the color gradations and those matching points look awesome!

  4. Kate says:

    That’s precision stitching! Frost Filigree turned out beautifully! Your back looks as neat as the front, I’m jealous. Hope you have time to work on your other planned projects this week.

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