Swap Stickers from QuiltCon
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QuiltCon Swag & February Stash Enhancement

I took 100 2″ round stickers that featured a cropped in portion of my Cloudy Night Sky quilt with me to give away at QuiltCon, and I gave them all away while I was there!

Swap Stickers from QuiltCon

Swap Stickers from QuiltCon

In exchange, I brought home all of these stickers! I also received 2 beaded bracelets, which were the new hot item for swapping.

Favorites from QuiltCon Goodie Bag

Favorites from QuiltCon Goodie Bag

I was also lucky enough to be one of the randomly selected attendees to get a goodie bag. The goodie bag itself is already added to my grocery shopping bags. Above is a photo of a few of my favorite items out of the goodie back this year. The custom quilt labels from Sewtopia are fantastic, and I especially adore the “Not just another fancy blanket” label. I have been needing a pair of snips, and I can always use another notebook for jotting down my to-do lists.

2 FQs Won at FIGO Booth

2 FQs Won at FIGO Booth

If you signed up for the FIGO newsletter, you could spin a wheel in the FIGO booth. I won these 2 fat quarters, and I am especially into that lime green color right now.

Fabric Purchased from Sewtopia at QuiltCon

Fabric Purchased from Sewtopia at QuiltCon

I had also intended to do some serious fabric shopping while I was at QuiltCon, but in the end I settled for taking my time to carefully curate this grouping of prints from Sewtopia. I’ll be using all of these (except for the green wavy stripe) to remake one of my favorite patterns later this month, so you’ll be seeing more of these prints shortly!

Bottom Left to Upper Right:


Print Stash Enhancement - Superbuzzy

Print Stash Enhancement – Superbuzzy

Since I didn’t shop as much at QuiltCon as I had anticipated, I shopped online when I got home. My print stash is down to being pretty much only scraps, and my yellow print bin is almost empty. Because I no longer have a quilt store in my town, I tried to shop as “local” to myself as possible, and I curated this beautiful rainbow of prints from Superbuzzy. Of course, when I realized I had only ordered 1 yellow print, I did some more stash enhancement shopping. So, I’ll be back with a March stash enhancement post soon! Ha!

Left to Right:

When I opened my order from Superbuzzy, I found the sweetest note included at the end of my invoice thanking me for my support and congratulating me on my award at QuiltCon. I read the note out loud to my husband and teared up as I was reading.

6 thoughts on “QuiltCon Swag & February Stash Enhancement

  1. Kate says:

    You found some fun fabrics to re-energize your stash. The stickers are fun. What do you do with yours? I get in some of my fabric orders and I’m not really sure what to do with them. Happy stitching this week, you’ve got some fun new fabrics to play with.

  2. I’m not surprised you gave all of your stickers away – they were pretty cool. You sure came home with a bunch, too! Your fabric choices are a pretty grouping!

  3. What a fun haul and fun stash enhancement. Lovely to get a sweet not from Superbuzzy in your box. It is always fun to refresh and add to the stash when needed…or desired!

  4. aquilterstable says:

    Fun to see your QC goodies and new stash fabrics. I’m looking to do similarly soon!

  5. Cindy Wiens says:

    This stickers are such fun. It’s funny how things change. The last few times I attended, it was always buttons.

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