Project Quilting 15.4 – Hourglass

I was ready yesterday for the Project Quilting 15.4 prompt, and I was excited enough about it that I might have bit off more than I can finish before I need to head to QuiltCon this week. The prompt is Hourglass, and I pulled out my solid scraps and got busy.

PQ15.4 Hourglass - Blocks Done, Ready to Be Sewn Together

PQ15.4 Hourglass – Blocks Done, Ready to Be Sewn Together

It’s almost 10pm here, and I stopped sewing at 9pm. I have all my blocks squared up (they are 5½” square, unfinished). Because I was working with scraps, some of my scraps were smaller than others, so I added on additional piecing to bring the smaller units up to size.

I had hoped that I could have the quilt top pieced today, but I know it’s not wise to keep going. Instead, I stopped at 9pm and got mostly packed for QuiltCon. I have lists of things that I need to do to finish getting ready for my trip, and I’ll sleep better with all of that out of my head. So, here’s a quick blog post to record my first day progress. Hopefully I will be back with a finish post before the end of the day on Tuesday; wish me luck. I think I’m going to need it!

Oh, and as a quick side note, my nice digital camera is big and bulky, so my husband is loaning me a very nice but very small camera to take to QuiltCon. I practiced with it tonight to get this photo of my blocks. Not great lighting conditions tonight, but then again, the lighting conditions in a convention center are never perfect, either. I appreciate that he’s letting me borrow his camera!

12 thoughts on “Project Quilting 15.4 – Hourglass

  1. Kathy R. says:

    Good looking scrap hourglass top. If you didn’t mention adding on pieces I would not have noticed. Enjoy QuiltCon!

  2. Julie Vogel says:

    I will look for you at Quiltcon! Can’t wait!

  3. Have fun at Quilt Con! Do take lots of photos for those of us who cannot be there.

  4. Kate says:

    Ooooh, so pretty! You made good use of your scraps. Good luck getting ready for Quilt Con.

  5. Fun to see what you come up with for each challenge, and this one is another good one! I hope you have a great QuiltCon experience!

  6. I love the rainbow colors in your hourglass blocks. I often make up a piece when I need to and it is fun to find them in the quilt. Getting things packed is always tough – wishing you luck today that all gets done that must before Quilt Con.

  7. Jean Blythe says:

    I love the colors you chose for this. Hourglass blocks were the first thing that came to mind with this week’s challenge. I have a favorite camera that I have taken to quilt shows, but it uses film which is not really an option these days. Have a great time! Earbuds can help with the noise there.

  8. Danice G says:

    Have a great time at Quilt Con. Your hourglass quilt is already looking beautiful. So colorful.

  9. aquilterstable says:

    A beautiful start! Your color progression is so good. I admire how good you are at that! Good luck making progress on this piece in the amount of time you have left!

  10. rmgsummers413a14ca5a says:

    I love that you really make the scraps work for you and create such lovely quilts. How nice your husband is loaning you a smaller camera for Quilt Con. Fingers crossed that you are able to complete this challenge before you leave.

  11. I love the color flow in this one!! it is so fun to look at!

  12. eva says:

    Wow, in this short time … and the travel upfront… you are doing good.
    the additional piecing makes it much much more interesting than being in all sizes
    did you ever think about using black & white when a piece of fabric is missing?

    Have fun and enjoy the fair !!!

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