Frost Filigree - Cut Fabric

Frost Filigree {Cut Fabric}

I spent the afternoon and evening on Valentine’s day working with my fabric pull for Frost Filigree and cutting everything I need to get started piecing.

Frost Filigree - Cut Fabric

Frost Filigree – Cut Fabric

Knowing how little I enjoy cutting fabric, I started by cutting out the background fabric. About halfway through getting the background fabric cut, I needed to pause to go on a walk with a friend. To help make sure I kept going when I got back from my walk, I made a lot of notes about what I had already cut out to keep me from procrastinating on finishing it up when I returned home.

Frost Filigree - Ready to Piece

Frost Filigree – Ready to Piece

Not all of the background pieces are shown in the photo above (the larger pieces are currently hanging out on my design wall). After I was done cutting the background fabric, it was quick, easy, and fun to cut the red, red-orange, and orange fabrics.

I spent Thursday afternoon prepping all the curve pieces and pinning the first batch to start sewing. Hopefully I can make some chain piecing progress today, but I also need to pack for QuiltCon AND the next Project Quilting prompt comes out on Sunday. After the Project Quilting prompt comes out on Sunday, I will likely set this project aside until after QuiltCon and see if I can get something made for the PQ15.4 prompt before I leave.

7 thoughts on “Frost Filigree {Cut Fabric}

  1. Can’t wait to see this one come together. Just the fabric pull and cut outs already look like your trademark style.

  2. I’m not a big fan of the fabric cutting process, so yeah for sticking with it to get it all done. Looks like you’ve got a lot of sitting and stitching time in your future now.

  3. Patty says:

    looks good! When do you arrive at QuiltCon? I look forward to seeing you.

  4. I like this design and the colors you’ve chosen. Will be fun to watch your progress, and see how you quilt it!

  5. aquilterstable says:

    Busy times! Enjoy the creating, whatever it might be.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t cut a large batch of anything for a while, so it’s interesting to read your strategy (leaving notes, taking a walk to break it up) for this task. The colors are gorgeous! I hope you have a good time at QuiltCon, and enjoy seeing everyone and everything, and especially your quilt in the show!

  7. Fun to see you pinning so fast – if only. Glad you got this prepped and maybe have already done some sewing. Good luck with your weekend prep and I hope you can get a PQ project in before you travel. Sadly, I am not there this year.

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