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Inside Out {Project Quilting 15.3}

I feel like the Project Quilting Season 15 prompts keep getting better each week! The theme this week is Inside Out:

Some part of your project must thematically or literally be inside out.

Inside Out - Fabric Pull

Inside Out – Fabric Pull

I have honestly been thinking about a project that exposes the seams for years (apparently since February 2015 when I fell in love with the backside of the seams when I made a mini quilt for a friend. Read more about it here: Life: Ups and Downs). I also really loved the fox print in the Meander bundle that I used to make the Postage Stamp version of Diatom last year, and I thought I could use those last little bits of the fox prints (and their supporting prints from the line) for this project.

Inside Out - Testing Out Fabric Direction and Seam Idea

Inside Out – Testing Out Fabric Direction and Seam Idea

Before committing to cutting into the last of the fox print scraps, I finger pressed some prints to test out my idea for fabric placement.

Inside Out - Test Block

Inside Out – Test Block

After getting more excited about the idea from the quick finger pressed seams, I made a test block. And promptly had to rip the first two seams that I sewed. But I eventually had a test block to use to map out where I was headed.

Inside Out - Pieced Quilt Top

Inside Out – Pieced Quilt Top

To frame the Meander print squares, I chose to use the last of the sparkly Carloyn Friedlander print that I just used for the Offset Log Cabin blocks. At this point, I clearly knew this was a quilt I was making to keep for myself, and I love that sparkle, so it was a quick and easy choice! Because of the limited amount of each fox print that I had left, I was able to fussy cut one fox from each of the six prints. To make a nice wall hanging mini quilt, I added in 3 additional print squares to balance them out.

Inside Out - Ready to Baste and Peak at Back of Quilt Top

Inside Out – Ready to Baste and Peak at Back of Quilt Top

I had been so focused on what the seam side of the quilt top looked like, I almost failed to turn the quilt top over and take a look at the “back”. I find that view to be pretty interesting. I probably would not have needed to rip as many seams if I had just constructed it like normal but with most of the prints wrong side up. Oh well, I got there!

Inside Out - Quilting

Inside Out – Quilting

I used 50wt Aurifil 2600 (Dove) for the piecing and quilting. For the quilting, I used my walking foot on my Juki TL-2200QVP Mini and sewed down the middle of a few seams to make a quick crosshatch. I thought about quilting all of the seams down, but after doing this initial crosshatch quilting, I liked the way it secured everything and how the other seams had a bit of a three-dimensional effect.

Inside Out - Hand Binding to the Front of the Quilt

Inside Out – Hand Binding to the Front of the Quilt

For the binding, I considered using the wrong side of a print, but nothing I auditioned in my stash seemed quite right. Instead, I opted to machine stitch the binding to the BACK of the quilt and then hand stitch it down to the front.

Inside Out - Hanging Above the "Office" Corner of My Studio

Inside Out – Hanging Above the “Office” Corner of My Studio

I worked on this mini quilt slowly starting on Sunday 2/4 and I finished it on Thursday 2/8. My Inside Out mini quilt finished at 16″ square after quilting and binding, and I love how perfectly it fits on my wall in my studio.

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18 thoughts on “Inside Out {Project Quilting 15.3}

  1. I have also had the idea of working with exposed seams for years … I’m glad this challenge got you moving on it! Aneela’s little foxes are the perfect addition to your studio wall. Enjoy!

  2. Patty says:

    What a sweet quilt and I like how the seams are all showing.

  3. I love how you interpreted the inside out theme, and I also am very fond of the Meandering fabric collection. That saddle color is just scrumptious!

  4. That was a great idea – and it is such a sweet little quilt!!! Go you!

  5. Kate says:

    The pressed seams make another set of frames around the blocks. Very fun idea, beautifully executed. I admire your accurate seam allowance, that’s awesome just by itself!

  6. Great idea! I love those little prints you used in and they are so fun in the PQ challenge quilt. I would find it hard to make my brain work wrong side out! I am enjoying these prompts and quilts so much this year, too, even if from the viewing section.

  7. Kathy E. says:

    This week’s prompt was really a good one! Those exposed seams add quite an interesting detail, but they require so much focus! (Tell me how I know.) Your fussy cut foxes were the perfect choice for this mini…great work, Yvonne!

  8. aquilterstable says:

    oh wow. What an interesting challenge! I really enjoyed hearing how you executed it with your little foxes!

  9. Hubblebird says:

    I really love to read quilters thought process on their blogs (I’m not an Instagram fan and feel very deflated at the loss of so many bloggers who have swapped to that platform) so this post is very interesting. I would never have thought of such a thing to do. It’s turned out beautifully.

  10. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says:

    Ohhh, the inside out makes such great frames around those cute fox, Yvonne! Great solution on the binding-hand sew to the front rather than back! I enjoy seeing it on your wall of minis, too!

  11. Kim Lapacek says:

    This is mind blowing! It turned out so cool! LOVE that you finally gave it a try!

  12. Bernie says:

    This is a fantastic interpretation of ‘inside out’. I love the framed squares and the sparkle of the sashing. Those foxes are adorable. This is very very cool Yvonne!

  13. Bernie says:

    PS – my brain would go crazy trying to do this! I keep looking at the photos and deciding how I would assemble it. Yikes!

  14. Kris says:

    oh how clever. I love how the seam looks like another border!

  15. Judy B says:

    As usual, you “scored” on this project! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  16. Years ago I made an up cycled old jeans and flannel-backed quilt that has this method, but then the seam allowances were cut into, perpendicular to the stitching so when the quilt was washed and used, they would fray. Too funny that had you looked at the back earlier, it might not’ve been such a brain twister! So cute, and perfect in your computer corner.

  17. J Mur says:

    Fun idea for the Inside Out prompt and I particularly like the fact that you finished your entry by sewing the binding to the back and stitched it to the front… by hand!

  18. Nikki Moshier says:

    Your seams are so pretty!!!

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