Bird On Nest - Quilted Placemat
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Bird on a Nest Placemat {PQ15.1 Bird House}

The first prompt for Season 15 of Project quilting was shared on Sunday, January 7th: Bird House. Sunday was a 20 hour travel day for me, so I remembered to look up the prompt sometime mid-day on Monday. Since my first Season 14 project last year was to make a whole cloth quilted placemat, my first thought when I read the prompt was to come up with another FMQing motif that I could use to make another whole cloth quilted placemat. I doodled out nests with and without eggs inside them, but I wasn’t loving where that was going. I did love the idea of a nest, though, so on Tuesday I started thinking about piecing a bird on a nest. I found a quilt pattern called Birds of a Feather by Jody Groenendyk of Gingerberry Quilts, and I loved the way she used curves to make birds!

Since I was inspired by her quilt, I purchased the Birds of a Feather pattern from Jody’s Etsy shop.

Bird on Nest - Pieced Placemat Top

Bird on Nest – Pieced Placemat Top

I used templates from Jen Carlton-Bailly to make 4″ finished curve shapes to make one of the birds in Jody’s pattern. Then I created a nest for the bird to sit on. I decided to trim the nest down and add a bit more negative space around the top and sides of the bird so that after quilting I would be able to trim the quilted placemat to 12½” x 16½”.

Bird On Nest - Quilted Placemat

Bird On Nest – Quilted Placemat

I chose to use a leafy meander for the quilting. I plan to use this quilting motif for the Scala baby quilt later this month, so getting a bit of practice in on this placemat seemed like a good idea, plus it felt like a compliment to the fact that many birds build their nests in trees.

Bird on Nest - Back of Quilted Placemat

Bird on Nest – Back of Quilted Placemat

The back of the quilted placemat is a solid green Carolyn Friedlander print (and the binding and prints on the front of the quilted placemat are also Carolyn Friedlander prints). As I was quilting the placemat and trimming it to size, my brain had a “what if…” moment:

Bird In Nest - Redesign

Bird In Nest – Redesign

If I were to remake this quilted placemat, I would not trim the nest down. Instead, I would opt to trim the bottom of the bird so that it looks like it is sitting IN the nest instead of ON the nest. Live and learn!

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17 thoughts on “Bird on a Nest Placemat {PQ15.1 Bird House}

  1. Cindy Pieters says:

    A great idea of the bird made using curves and suits you so well.

  2. Patty says:

    Love your mini!

  3. Kate says:

    A very cool challenge quilt. Those curves make a very graceful bird. Congrats on a very pretty finish.

  4. Using the curved templates to create this quilt was a great idea! It has such a fun, modern vibe, and will look great on a wall! Nice challenge piece!

  5. Love this answer to the prompt and your redsign of an already great pattern. Love watching the PQ responses starting to show up. This is a favorite….Charley Harper like in some ways!

  6. JanineMarie says:

    Both designs are so fresh—but the bird IN the nest: yes! Now I’m thinking of different color combos for birds that are common in my area.

  7. Eva says:

    Love how you go out of the box!! It was a nice theme this week… birds…. i have finished, but a year ago and the rules say… must be creared and sewed now, so I had to skip to participate, as well as having no time. But… it is as well a nice thing to see the ideas coming up. I learn that some rulers are may be really helpfull tools. Love it…. !!!! You did fabulous!!
    Modern, clear and brillant as you are!

  8. aquilterstable says:

    oh this is fun! Great that you were inspired by Jody’s pattern yet made it your own.

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    I love the colors you used for both the bird and the nest. Using the curved pattern fits right in with some of your later works. The quilting is so subtle it’s easily missed on the front but is a wonderful overall design. I like the idea from the remake someday.

  10. I love how our brains work on, and solve problems, and come up with other ideas without us setting out to do just these things. Your placemat is adorable, and I love how the beak doesn’t pop out as yellows tend to do. Thank you for linking this and your quilted cover at TGIFF!

  11. Isn’t that fun?! I love how you used the curved templates to create a bird on its nest. One if the great things about trying a challenge like this is how you learn and figure out what you might do differently next time!

  12. Dawn Tornes says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love how the curvy bird in the nest gives a modern feel to the project. Great job!

  13. Julie Kennedy says:

    I love your bird and nest design! It’s so much fun with the curvy piecing.

  14. Mari says:

    This is so beautiful, Yvonne! It looks so fresh and clean, and has a real Charley Harper vibe, too. Makes me think of spring! Great project!

  15. Elizabeth E. says:

    I went and looked at the pattern, and can see the inspo but I like your project quite well as a singular bird. I went through a similar dance when I designed my bird block for a QAL I did last year, but really think, given the motif of curves, that the bird is just alighting on the next, getting ready to settle. It’s always enjoyable to read your thinking about your choices: it all turned out great!

  16. Kim Lapacek says:

    absolutely gorgeous! LOVE it!

  17. That is a great way to follow the prompt!! I like all the curves in it – very appealing!

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