What’s in Your Sewing Bag Guest Post

I wanted to pop in and let you know that Shannon Fraser is sharing an interview with me as part of her “What’s in Your Sewing Bag” series today.

I hope you hop over and check out the post, which contains a first look at some plans my husband and I have been working on for next summer…

What’s In Your Sewing Bag Quilting Jetgirl

7 thoughts on “What’s in Your Sewing Bag Guest Post

  1. bernie kringel says:

    Such a fun post!!! I didn’t know about this series of Shannon’s – so hard to keep up with all the fun stuff to read. I want to go back now and read more of them!

  2. Elizabeth E. says:

    That was a fun post — and interesting to see the bag you used while doing your travels. Always great to see you in new spaces on the web!

  3. Shannon says:

    So fun to have you as a guest, Yvonne! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses and can’t wait to see you hit the road in 2024!

  4. Kate says:

    It’s always fun to hear the back story behind the quilter. Looking forward to seeing your adventures this summer.

  5. aquilterstable says:

    Was glad to hear you’re hoping to hit the road again!

  6. Very fun post, and I am not surprised you will be on the road again! Don’t you love that light on the seam ripper?

  7. Cindy Wiens says:

    I always love these kinds of posts. I used to run a series called the Name Game, where bloggers would answer three questions giving information on how they chose their blog name. It was a fun series. Sometimes I’d like to revive it.

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