Day 2 Progress: Center Pieced, Strip Piecing Ready for Next Blocks

Irish Chain {Q4 Just For Fun, Piecing}

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for their favorite layout for my “just for fun” Irish Chain baby quilt. Like so many of us at this time of year, I have had a full and busy November, so I’m glad I was able to sit with the decision for a while and it was really helpful to get so much input. I have had some time in the evenings to sneak in progress on the quilt, and I think you’ll be able to tell from my first night of progress which layout I chose…

Day 1 Progress: Fabric Cut for Center Blocks

Day 1 Progress: Fabric Cut for Center Blocks

The first evening, I cut almost all of the fabrics except for the cream which I will be using for the Irish Chain squares. Because I chose the layout with the gold center, I decided to cut the pieces for the 4 center blocks and to cut strips for strip piecing the remaining 12 blocks. I did need to go back to my stash to choose a light yellow/gold fabric for the center sashing strips (which are cut at only 1″ wide).

I almost got really distracted once I put these pieces up on the design wall. I really like how this looks with the step increase/offset. I know it will all shrink up to make a square, but I started wondering what a quilt block would look like that finished with this kind of step offset. I’ll have to play with that idea another day.

Day 2 Progress: Center Pieced, Strip Piecing Ready for Next Blocks

Day 2 Progress: Center Pieced, Strip Piecing Ready for Next Blocks

The second evening I was able to get the cream fabric cut, the center blocks and horizontal sashing strips pieced, and the strip piecing for the 12 blocks sewn and ready to subcut. It honestly all went much faster than I had anticipated. That or I really needed the alone time in my studio, haha!

I will say that I should have squared up the center 4 blocks as I was piecing. Instead, I waited until the blocks were fully sewn together and I needed to trim more than I anticipated from the smaller square sides. I will do a better job as I work on the remaining 12 blocks, and I suspect the difference will be obvious in the final pieced quilt.

Day 3 Progress: Chain Piecing

Day 3 Progress: Chain Piecing

Last night, I didn’t have as much time in my studio, but I was able to get the strip pieces subcut and the chain piecing of the final 12 blocks started. I think the most challenging part of finishing up the piecing of the quilt top will be pressing the small sashing strips.

I already have a plan for the quilting, and since I’ll be able to use a single width of fabric backing, I suspect once I get the quilt top pieced it won’t take long to get the quilt basted and quilted. The real question will be if I can stretch the fat quarter of the inspiration fabric far enough to be the binding… it’s going to be really close!

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7 thoughts on “Irish Chain {Q4 Just For Fun, Piecing}

  1. patty says:

    Baby quilts are such fun to make – love the color palette you choose.

  2. This definitely looks like a fun project to make, and the palette is scrumptious!

  3. This is moving along nicely. Hope you get the time you want in your studio this week…catching up after a holiday always feels good to me, hope it does to you.

  4. Elizabeth E. says:

    Chaining must be in the zeitgeist. I’m working on a new design that has this in a portion of the block, and I’m excited about the possibilities (now, if I could only get to it, but it has to wait). Glad you are back in the studio for some sewing time. Your design is looking great, and in wonderful fall colors!

  5. I love the warm tones of this fun quilt. This is such a fitting thing to do, ensure you have a just-for-fun quilt each quarter. Almost like chasing a squirrel, and with the same ‘go with the flow’ relaxed attitude. I am glad you didn’t go back and rip out the units you didn’t square. 😉

  6. aquilterstable says:

    So glad you were able to get this piece started! I love working with my design wall like this.

  7. Kate says:

    Sounds like you really needed a just for fun project. This one is coming together beautifully.

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