Cloudy Night Sky - Quilting Fix (2)

Cloudy Night Sky {Details, Details}

I took a few days off at the beginning of last week. My husband took me to a concert for my [belated] birthday gift (it’s what I asked for), and we got to see one of our favorite bands perform live (Chevelle). So after getting back home and settled, on Wednesday afternoon it was time to prep my space and machine to start quilting Cloudy Night Sky. I’m using a 70/10 needle, which is a happy paring with my walking foot on my machine (a domestic Juki TL-2200QVP Mini) with 50wt Aurifil thread.

Thursday, I started by quilting a sample. I tend to catch the things I need to adjust quickly that way (like stitch length and speed settings).

And I was able to start quilting Thursday evening. Hooray! Let’s talk about some details…

Cloudy Night Sky - Quilting Fix (1)

Cloudy Night Sky – Quilting Fix (1)

When I quilted the largest arc in the photo above (noted by the red pin and two numbered areas), the red circled area number 1 did not match up with the arc on the opposite side of the blue piecing. So I removed a bit of the quilted line (back to the number 2 area) and re-quilted to get the alignment better. But I didn’t love how different the stitch lengths looked between the two areas in the number 2 area.

Cloudy Night Sky - Quilting Fix (2)

Cloudy Night Sky – Quilting Fix (2)

So, after sleeping on it Thursday night (I marked the line with the red pin so I knew where to come back and look in the morning with fresh eyes), I decided to rip out the entire quilted line.

Cloudy Night Sky - Quilting Fix (3)

Cloudy Night Sky – Quilting Fix (3)

And while there is still a bit of stitch length variation (because I am only human), I’m happy with how it finished as a single continuous line. Third time’s the charm!

Cloudy Night Sky - Checking Back of Quilt Before Buying Thread

Cloudy Night Sky – Checking Back of Quilt Before Buying Thread

Just so you don’t think I will always remove quilting lines so I don’t have a break in the middle, above is a photo of a spot where I ran out of bobbin and tied off. Then, I picked up where that bobbin ran out and finished quilting the line. When I start quilting in the middle of the quilt, I always pull the bobbin thread up to the top of the quilt. Then, before I’m going to bury the thread of a newly started line, I like to look at the back of the quilt. Sometimes, the bobbin thread will be looped a bit, like you can see above. I simply tug on the bobbin thread from the top of the quilt to smooth out the loop.

Cloudy Night Sky - Checking Back of Quilt After Burying Thread

Cloudy Night Sky – Checking Back of Quilt After Burying Thread

And voila! The loop goes away and it looks like one continuously quilted line. I do this check because sometimes I tug on the threads from the top only to later turn the quilt over and realize that there is still a small loop on the back of the quilt. So, I find it easier to check and fix it before I bury the thread.

So, the quilting is started. I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped last week due to other life events. It is what it is; hopefully I can make more progress this week!

A Note About Blog Comments

There have been a few instances of people not able to leave a comment on my blog and where I was unable to leave a comment on someone else’s blog in the past few weeks. I don’t know if they are all due to the same issue, but I found that my browser (I use Firefox) really tightened up their security with a new update. I had to go into the settings and allow some cookies again. The browser update had turned off ALL cookies, but blogs need cookies enabled so that when you submit a comment, the page can refresh and capture your name and email address.

So, if you have had difficulty leaving a comment on my blog, I recommend trying to clear your cache, and if that doesn’t work, searching for “how to find [web browser name] cookie settings”. In my case, my search would be “how to find firefox cookie settings” but replace firefox with the browser you use (chrome, safari, edge, etc.). Then follow the directions to see if your cookie settings have been updated to be too strict (like mine had). And if all else fails, you can always email me directly at yvonne(at)quiltingjetgirl(dot)com.

Edited 10/9/2023 to add: Kathleen also mentioned in the comments that browsers blocking popups was causing an issue for those leaving comments on her blog.

Technology. It’s great until it’s not, right?!?

11 thoughts on “Cloudy Night Sky {Details, Details}

  1. Cindy Pieters says:

    Slow but steady is giving you great quilting results! Thanks for the tip on fixing the commenting.

  2. Thanks for sharing your progress on the quilting, Yvonne. I always learn something from you. Thanks, too, for your explanation on comments – I’ve had a few reach out to say they can’t comment on my blog, too, so I’m going to send them to this post so they can read your suggestion.

  3. It is looking great. It is fun to see how you work out the little things that bother you and fix them. Thanks, too, for the comment help – I did find my safari was blocking some popups….unbeknownst to me.

  4. Debbie says:

    Appreciate seeing your progress and adjustments along the way. AND the info about comments. Thanks!

  5. Rochelle Summers says:

    Really appreciate the way you are showing your quilting techniques. Do you use gloves when you are quilting on the big quilt? I’ve notice all kinds of requirements that changed when commenting on blogs. I have to do some kind of log in to almost every blog I comment on when I didn’t have to before..

  6. Rochelle Summers says:

    By the way, you have a very nice light over your sewing area. Is that built into the sewing machine or do have a seperate one attached to your sewing area.

  7. Kaja says:

    It’s so interesting to me to understand how you go about quilting. You are so attentive to all the little details!

  8. I appreciate all you shared about your quilting on your Juki. I hope to actually use the Juki I bought in 2016 in the coming year. I use my Brother machine because it’s lighter and easier to use. Plus I can see the bobbin when I sew. But I know that I can do SO much more with my Juki, so after my hands are in better shape, I hope to be a fellow Juki sewist.

  9. I had to log in on other WordPress blogs, so let’s see how this goes today! I’d already done the popups, and something that Safari has is ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ which has been the way to fix this in the past, by unchecking that box. I try to remember to recheck it so I am not tracked in all my Internet journeys! Anyhow nice tips here; I always pull my bobbin thread to the top too. One thing I’m confused on is your unhappiness with the stitch length. I thought you were using a walking foot and preset stitch length to 2.8 mm? Whey would it be uneven then? When FMQ-ing, for sure, it is pretty night impossible to get the stitches all the same length but I’ve never had that issue when using my walking foot. Thanks in advance for clarifying.

    1. Log in using email I meant. And… I see that I am going to have to with each comment, strange, as I’ve allowed cookies!

  10. Elizabeth E. says:

    I enjoyed reading your methods about stops/starts/interrupts, and yes, that really will be a beautiful quilt when you are finished. I once took a class from David Taylor, and when he has to begin again, he starts quilting about two inches away from the place, then gradually joins the line of quilting. He said that for him, it helped take care of that unevenness that occurs at stops/starts. You both are more precise than I! Good luck with the quilting.

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