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2023 Q3 Check In

Tomorrow is the last day of September, which is also the last day of the third quarter of 2023. After having my second quarter plans disrupted by COVID, I felt much healthier over the last 3 months and like I was able to get a lot accomplished. Here are my third quarter highlights:

2023 Q3 Finishes: Sunrise Sherbet, Dripping Stars, Somerville Circle, Postage Stamp Diatom, Signal Trace

2023 Q3 Finishes: Sunrise Sherbet, Dripping Stars, Somerville Circle, Postage Stamp Diatom, Signal Trace

I finished 6 quilts from July through September (2 of which are still under wraps and I’ll be able to share about them in about another month), and was able to share about a secret sewing project:

  1. Sunrise Sherbet
  2. Dripping Stars
  3. Somerville Circle
  4. Postage Stamp Diatom
  5. Signal Trace
Cloudy Night Sky - Pieced Quilt Top

Cloudy Night Sky – Pieced Quilt Top

I currently have one active WIP, Cloudy Night Sky.

2023 Q3 Patterns, Tutorial, and Tip

2023 Q3 Patterns, Tutorial, and Tip

I also released 2 quilt patterns, created a new tutorial / sizing table, and shared a tip.

  1. Dripping Stars digital quilt pattern
  2. Signal Trace digital quilt pattern
  3. Bonus HSTs from Stitch and Flip and Sizing Table
  4. Piecing Thread Selection

So how does all this compare to my 2023 Goal Setting that I established back in December?

Business Goals

  1. Host the Diatom Quilt Along. – Complete!
    1. Come up with a plan for the 2023-2024 Quilt Along Complete! More details coming soon!
  2. Continue to blog 1-2 times a week as content arises. – So far, I’ve published 95 posts (including this one) which is actually an average of 2.5 posts a week, even though I took two weeks off of blogging in early July to recharge a bit.
  3. Release new Quilting Jetgirl patterns and continue designing. I don’t want to put a number on my goal for next year, but I certainly have a few patterns at the top of my list that I know I will want to work on. I was able to unexpectedly add Signal Trace this quarter. In Q4 I anticipate 2 more pattern releases to round out the year (Cloudy Night Sky and the 2023-2024 Quilt Along).
    1. Garden Peony – Released
    2. Night Garden – Released
      1. Space Arcade Bonus Quilt – Released
      2. Congruence Bonus Quilt – Released
    3. Cloudy Night Sky Coming Soon!
    4. Dripping Stars Released
    5. Signal Trace Released
    6. Candy Heart Love Q1 2024?
    7. Next Quilt Along Coming Soon!
  4. Maintain technical editing clients and grow new opportunities as time allows. I am currently really happy with the balance of technical editing work / Quilting Jetgirl work.
  5. Continue to explore the balance of time in the studio and my need to take time off and creatively recharge. At the very least, I’d like to join my local library and start reading books again. – I am reading about 2 books a month, and it is a delightful way to wind down in the evenings and on weekends!
  6. Remember to seek rejection, have fun, and try new things! – I started participating in Project Quilting and I had such a great time! So much so, that I added a new goal in Q1 (see #7 below). I am also partnering with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for something new that we will introduce to you in Q4.
  7. Create at least 1 “fun” or just because quilt each quarter. Participating in the Project Quilting prompts at the beginning of this year infused me with a creative spark. I especially enjoyed the 1 week timeline of each challenge. – Due to COVID, I was a bit behind on finishing up my Q2 “just for fun project”, but I was able to complete it and a Q3 “just for fun” project this quarter.

Life Goals

  1. Get back into a regular rhythm with doctor’s appointments. The past few years I have been good about my mammograms (I’m on a 6-month schedule) and COVID shots and boosters, but this year I want to get back to taking care of everything else. Specifically, I need to schedule a visit with an optometrist and dentist. Due to an injury as a teenager, it will also be good to find and maintain a regular appointment schedule with a chiropractor to keep me as pain free as possible. – I am now seeing a chiropractor on a weekly basis, and I am up to date on everything except for a dermatology appointment that is scheduled for early November.
  2. Maintain a regular exercise schedule. I’ll be participating in a 30 day yoga practice in January. I also like to incorporate strength training via Sydney Houdyshell, take daily walks with my husband, and go on weekly walks with my good friend Traci. – Walking has very consistent for me (I actually usually get outside for a walk twice, and sometimes three times, a day), but I’m still not as consistent with a home exercise practice as I was in Q1.
  3. Give myself grace and lean into patience. – Life does like to throw curve balls. I’m thankful for a well established meditation routine that has helped me through several rough patches recently.
    1. While running my business is important, my husband is starting his own venture into self-employment which has an interesting yin-yang relationship with my time. We will need to travel to support his work, and I look forward to seeing him continue to grow and flourish. – Just like it took me YEARS to figure out what making money in the quilting industry looked like for me, he’s going to need time to find his footing. But it’s been a joy seeing him rest, recover, make new connections and friendships, and find more peace in his daily activities.

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6 thoughts on “2023 Q3 Check In

  1. patty says:

    What a wonderful set of accomplishments.

  2. aquilterstable says:

    Overall, sounds like a positive and successful quarter – yay! And terrific there are some surprises and collaborations behind the scenes – all good.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your Q3 recap. I’ll be starting on Q3 post tomorrow.

  4. You recuperated well from covid and the delays/interruptions it cause. Things are progressing nicely for you this year; looking forward to seeing what you and Cheryl have cooked up.

  5. Wow!! Amazing accomplishments!!! and gorgeous quilts!

  6. Melanie says:

    I have just scheduled my own last annual doc appointment as well as my vacination updates. Thanks for the reminder! I think you are doing really great with your walking. It is so hard to incorporate movement or excercise into ones day. And your quilting accomplishments sound spot on! Big congrats and all the best for Q4. xo

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