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Creating a Quilting Plan {Auribuzz Guest Post}

The pattern instruction to “quilt as desired” can leave a lot of us feeling stumped, especially when we are working with a quilt that has a lot of negative space (like the quilts I love to design and make). In my quilt patterns, I include details and templates that I use to create my quilting plans, but there are a lot of different factors I will consider when developing a quilting plan. Today, on Aurifil’s Auribuzz blog, I’m sharing details behind the designs of my recently released quilt patterns (Night Garden, Space Arcade, and Congruence) and my thought process behind developing a quilting plan.

Space Arcade - Background Thread Selection

Space Arcade – Quilting with 50wt Aurifil

Clearly, I cannot recommend Aurifil thread enough to help piece, quilt, and finish your quilts, and I’m super grateful to Aurifil for letting me share more about the process I work through for each quilt. I hope you hop over to the Auribuzz blog and enjoy reading my guest post!

5 thoughts on “Creating a Quilting Plan {Auribuzz Guest Post}

  1. What a nice post over at Aurifil, Yvonne. I am currently thinking about quilting a challenge quilt, and your questions are helpful. I always enjoy seeing your quilts, from beginning to end!

  2. Shannon says:

    So fun to see all that quilty texture, Yvonne! Great article over on Auribuzz!

  3. Going to check out that post now. You do such great planning and quilting – always inspirational.

  4. Great tutorial on the Aurifil blog, enjoyed your video on the Hera marker as well.

  5. Kate says:

    I want to start quilting my own quilts sometime this year, I’ll go take a listen. Congrats on the new patterns, they are all really cool looking quilts.

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