The Quilt Keeper - Cascades

The Quilt Keeper – Cascades

Given how busy I have been (but not in the sewing studio) lately, I honestly didn’t think I was going to have anything I could share in a blog post today. But Thursday afternoon, I was contacted by The Quilt Keeper about an exciting new addition to their product line, Cascades.

I really adore my Quilt Keeper that hangs on my studio door. You can read all about my experience getting to know about the original Quilt Keeper in this blog post.

The Cascades are an expansion to hang on the original Quilt Keeper bar, allowing for even more efficient and beautiful quilt storage.

If you don’t have an original Quilt Keeper, there is also an option to purchase a Quilt Keeper with 2 Cascades bars.

10% off!

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3 thoughts on “The Quilt Keeper – Cascades

  1. Kate says:

    Over the door storage is nice. I’m about out of room everywhere else!

  2. Well, isn’t that smart! Now it’s evolved into a kind of quilt ladder, which my husband made me, but this one hangs on the door. Love seeing the rainbow one on the wall too!

  3. What a great addition to an already useful quilt hanger!

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