Congruence - Piecing

Congruence {Slow Piecing Progress}

Last week, I had big intentions to make a lot of piecing progress on Congruence, but the universe had other plans. On Tuesday evening, I pinned just over half of the curves and I even sewed 2 units together. But instead of chain piecing, my husband and I took an hour long phone call. Then Wednesday was a long phone call, Thursday was co-hosting / teaching the Quilt Pattern Technical Editing 101 webinar with Sarah Ruiz, and Friday was yet another long phone call. Saturday, my body let me know it needed to rest, and other than going to get groceries, I pretty much spent the day resting in bed.

Congruence - Piecing

Congruence – Piecing

So I woke up on Sunday to the same view in my studio that I left on Tuesday evening. And while I had grand plans to make more progress, I also had to do some deep cleaning to prepare for a house guest who will be arriving to be with us this (Monday) afternoon.

Congruence - Piecing

Congruence – Piecing

On Sunday, I was able to chain piece the first batch of curves and pin the second batch. Time will tell how much sewing time I’ll find this week. Getting used to having a roommate and getting to know a new person is going to be my main priority this week.

8 thoughts on “Congruence {Slow Piecing Progress}

  1. I hope your limited sewing time helped calm your stress. Have a good day Yvonne!

  2. It is good to take time for yourself, hope you can restore your energy. Is your houseguest staying a long time? But someone you do not know?

  3. aquilterstable says:

    Some weeks are like that! Hope the transition with your houseguest goes well!

  4. Kate says:

    Sounds like it wasn’t the best week on a few fronts. Hopefully the day of rest set you up for a good week. It’s really stressful to adapt to changes. Hope the week goes smoothly.

  5. its okay to rest – and what fun you will have being energized to get back to this!!!

  6. patty says:

    Enjoy getting your new roommate settled. Its nice that you can just pop-in and sew some curves as time allows. They aren’t going anywhere!

  7. Some weeks are like this – Hoping life becomes calmer and you have more time in the studio.

  8. Sometimes as the sand shifts we get less time. It is good that you are ready to sew when time allows, I find that is more than half the battle.

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