Congruence - Friendly Fabric Monster

Congruence {Fabric Prep}

With the first Night Garden bonus quilt finished (Space Arcade), what else was a girl to do but start on the second bonus quilt, Congruence?

Congruence - Fabric Prep

Congruence – Fabric Prep

While Space Arcade can be made from the scraps of either Night Garden quilt size, Congruence can only be made from scraps created to make the queen size quilt. Congruence is a two-color quilt, and I pulled Kona Enchanted from my stash for the background.

Congruence - Friendly Fabric Monster

Congruence – Friendly Fabric Monster

Although there are a lot of quarter circles to trim and piece, it went quickly. All the trimmings piled up on my cutting mat and with a couple of bobbins for eyes, the trimmings transformed into a friendly fabric monster. Who also happened to make me rather hungry for some pasta.

Congruence - Fabric Prep

Congruence – Fabric Prep

Another evening of cutting and the background fabric is all ready to go, too. I just need to double check a few more things in the Congruence pattern, and then I’ll be ready to test sew the quilt.

Have you made a two color quilt before? I find them so striking! I’d love to know what two colors you used or you would love to use in a two color quilt.

11 thoughts on “Congruence {Fabric Prep}

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love these two colors together!!!! Up my alley for sure!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m not sure that’s a fabric monster, it’s not scary. Creature might be a better moniker. Love the white and teal, that’s going to be stunning. I’ve made a lot of purple/yellow quilts. They go with nothing in my house, but it’s one of my favorite color combinations.

  3. patty says:

    Enjoy your curve sewing! I’m curious what templates you use. I have the ones from @bettycrockerass and really like them.

  4. Stacey Rothchild says:

    I absolutely love two color quilts and I’m currently working on my 1st one. My first quilt was a three color quilt from kona solids. I love the color combination you have for this one. Do you use multiple sizes of the templates? They look nice and sturdy and would love to invest in a set to do curves a bit easier than Paper templates.

  5. aquilterstable says:

    Love that Kona Enchanted. And to answer your question, I think I’ve rarely made a two-color quilt. Hmm.

  6. I like two-color quilts and I’ve made a couple. One is aqua and white, Labyrinth in my Cut and Shuffle book. The other is Antler Dance, brown and beige, gifted to a family of avid hunters.

  7. memoryloss3944gmailcom says:

    I have never done a two color quilt before but I want to and I love aquas and I guess a white would go best to make the color stand out,

  8. I haven’t made a two color quilt that I can think of…but a few that are close. Of course, they were in shades of blue. Love your fabric scrap monster!

  9. Allison Reid says:

    I’ve never made a two colour quilt but I do enjoy seeing them. There are some great examples of traditional red and white quilts exhibited at the American Museum, Bath UK.
    Your Kona solids will make a very striking patchwork. Look forward to seeing how you quilt this one

  10. I have never made a two color quilt, but I’m thinking I might like to try a lime green and purple together, two of my favorite colors!! The Enchanted and Teal you chose will make a striking quilt. I’ve actually never made a quilt using solid colors, though I just started a BOM using Sentenniel solids, and am loving the way it is turning out! That little fabric monster cutie is just adorable…a great new pet for your cutting mat! LOL

  11. beware the bobbin monster!! too funny!! This is going to be so pretty!

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