Diatom Blocks 1 through 6 - Postage Stamp Throw

Diatom QAL {Blocks 1 through 6}

After the first three Diatom blocks were released, a few people in the quilt along shared photos of their blocks already sewn together into the top row of the quilt. It was beautiful and exciting for me to see! I’ve been sewing along making the Postage Stamp Throw version and I was definitely tempted to sew my first three blocks together but I had a busy start to the year and just keeping up with the quilt along was really all the time I had available. Well, now that block 7 has been released, I decided I would take the time to sew the first six blocks together into the top half of the quilt.

Diatom Blocks 1 through 6 - Postage Stamp Throw

Diatom Blocks 1 through 6 – Postage Stamp Throw

I adore the Meander prints that I’m using for the blocks, and the Postage Stamp Throw setting came together even better with the blocks than I had imagined!

Diatom Blocks 1 through 6 - Postage Stamp Throw

Diatom Blocks 1 through 6 – Postage Stamp Throw

For size comparison, I pinned up my sewn together blocks 1 through 6 of the Postage Stamp Throw layout on top of my finished Star Setting Twin version. It’s amazing to me that we are already over halfway done with the quilt along; I think it might be time to start designing for next year’s quilt along. I have a few ideas I want to explore, but if there is anything you’d love to see, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Diatom QAL {Blocks 1 through 6}

  1. I like the colour combo, looking good!

  2. It is amazing!!! Love how the circles form – it gives it a really cool look!!!

  3. Kate says:

    That postage stamp setting is looking great. I finally printed out all the patterns, I’m hoping to get caught up before the end of the month.

  4. They both look terrific! Those Meander prints are really sweet, and I like the tones of the blues and oranges in that line.

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