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Garden Peony Pattern Release

When I shared about the recap of my 2022 goals in my 2023 goal setting post, I received some really lovely support and feedback. In particular M m mullins left this comment that got me thinking:

I purposefully include “bonus patterns” in my more complicated curve piecing designs to show how to immediately put the large scraps to use in another quilt / design.

While I might not be known as a scrap quilter, I do want to share patterns that encourage thoughtful use of the purchased fabric. Due to this, the time it takes me to write these patterns and sew them up myself is significant. So, while I am working on my newest pattern for Night Garden with Space Arcade & Congruence bonus quilts, I thought I’d start in reverse order and release stand alone patterns for the bonus quilts I have created to date.

So today, I am really pleased to offer Garden Peony as an individual pattern. 🙂

Garden Peony

Garden Peony

I created Garden Peony as a “bonus quilt” companion to the Meringue Quilt, and today I’m excited to release a full, stand alone pattern for Garden Peony. The full pattern contains yardage and cutting instructions for all the pieces, meaning that it does not rely on first making Meringue to have left over scraps.

Garden Peony

Garden Peony

Fabrics & Materials

The cover quilt was made using Kona Cottons in Spice (Background), Oyster (Fabric A), Mustard (Fabric B), Amber (Fabric C), and Brown (Fabric D).

Garden Peony Baby - Blue Colorway

Garden Peony Baby – Blue Colorway

The pattern is illustrated using Kona Cottons in Blueprint (Background), White (Fabric A), Blue Bell (Fabric B), Harbor (Fabric C), and Storm (Fabric D).

Garden Peony - Free Motion Quilting

Garden Peony – Free Motion Quilting


I had a lot of fun adding detail and expanding the design using the quilting for Garden Peony. I wrote an in depth blog post about the quilting design for Garden Peony, and, even better, the Garden Peony pattern contains a full page description about my quilting and the templates you need to recreate the look.

Garden Peony Pattern Details

Garden Peony is an advanced beginner to intermediate level, modern traditional quilt design. The pattern will expertly guide you through piecing quarter circle / drunkard’s path blocks, half circle blocks, and full inset circles. Garden Peony can change from having an art deco vibe (like the cover quilt) to looking floral (like a glorious peony) depending on fabric selections and quilting details. The pattern offers three sizes: baby, throw, and queen.

Garden Peony

Garden Peony

Sizing / Finished Measurements

  • Baby (40″ x 40″)
  • Lap (80″ x 80″)
  • Queen (96″ x 96″)
Quilting Templates on Thin Polycarbonate

Quilting Templates on Thin Polycarbonate

Templates and Template Preparation

I work with acrylic templates when I am piecing curves, but I know that not all templates are the same and not everyone has templates. When cutting the concave and convex shapes, you may use templates included at the end of the PDF on page 11 or standard 6ʺ finished / 6½ʺ unfinished Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates (I personally use templates from Jen Carlton-Bailly). Note: If you have your own set of Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates, I recommend printing out the templates from page 11 and verifying that your templates match the concave and convex shapes suggested for the pattern.

When you print and cut out the templates from page 11, make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or Actual Size before you print. Measure the 1ʺ square on the template page with one of your quilting rulers to make sure that the templates are printed to the correct size. You may use the printed templates and a fabric marking device of your choice or using template material, trace the paper templates onto the material to create your own templates.

In addition, I have included the quarter circle templates I used to create marking templates for my quilting plans on page 12.

Additional Supplies

  • I find a smaller 28mm rotary cutter ideal for cutting curves in combination with acrylic rulers. This is totally optional. A 45mm rotary cutter will also work very well.
  • 12½ʺ square ruler or larger
  • Stiletto


I would like to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for her technical editing, advice, and consultation throughout the pattern writing and quilting process. And thanks to M m mullins and others who have talked with me about releasing the bonus quilts as stand alone patterns.

Alternate Colorways

Garden Peony - Kaffe Fassett Prints

Garden Peony – Kaffe Fassett Prints

As I mentioned earlier, the entire look and feeling of Garden Peony can be altered by the fabric choices. Above, I’ve used a selection of Kaffe Fassett prints and set them off against a deep purple. I really love this warm palette!

Garden Peony - Alison Glass Sunprint 2023

Garden Peony – Alison Glass Sunprint 2023

I am also really drawn to Alison Glass’s new Sunprint 2023 line. The Topography print seems so perfect for use as a background and way of letting the brighter Parcel prints shine.

Pattern Release Sale

The Garden Peony digital quilt pattern is on sale for $10 through Sunday, February 26th. I look forward to seeing your beautiful versions!

10 thoughts on “Garden Peony Pattern Release

  1. Cindy Pieters says:

    M m mullins was right on more than one count. Garden Peony is a lovely quilt and definitely needed to be a stand alone pattern.

  2. Congratulations on the pattern release, Yvonne. The cream, honey and toffee colors are so droolworthy!

  3. Great idea, Garden Peony is a wonderful design on its own.

  4. Congratulations on the pattern release, Yvonne. This is one of my favorites, and that photo in your garden is lovely!

  5. Ohhhh what a beauty!!! I like all the colorways you show too – it is so versatile!!!!
    and that photo with all the green – so tropical ( compared to my white snow right now!! haha)

  6. Nice idea separating out some of the bonus quilts…as yes…that work is already done! I love seeing the alternate versions, too! Congratulations on another fabulous pattern.

  7. aquilterstable says:

    I agree – releasing the bonus as a stand-alone is a great idea. Hope Garden Peony does well for you.

  8. Danice G says:

    Another awesome pattern and quilt all done by you. I love the colors and quilting in the photographed quilt. Looks very retro and that is always great to me.

  9. Elizabeth E. says:

    Fabulous! I’m bookmarking this post to use for when I get into my Peony quilt. Thank you for releasing this as a stand-alone and for all the great visions of the pattern you used to illustrate this post. Can’t wait to get going on this.

  10. Amazing that a comment from a reader spurred you on to a new approach! This is a terrific design and I’m sure will sell well.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)