Curated Quilts - Negative Space

Curated Quilts: Negative Space

Some stories are linear and easy to follow. And for the most part, this post is about the easy process of submitting an article idea to Curated Quilts for consideration in their upcoming (now published) Negative Space issue. In addition, I also submitted a few quilts for consideration in the Gallery section of the issue, one of which was selected for publication (yay!).

The twists and turns are related to the peculiarities of living in a hangar. We have a physical address and a mailbox, but I’m pretty sure that our post person accidentally placed my much anticipated copy of the Curated Quilts Negative Space issue in the wrong mailbox. And let’s be honest: many of the mailboxes on the airport probably are not regularly checked or emptied. So, I filed a request with my local postmaster to ask the post person to check mailboxes and see if they could locate my magazine. After an additional week, I was told it could not be located. Thankfully Amy and Christine were kind and quickly shipped me another copy of the magazine that was correctly and safely delivered earlier this week.

Curated Quilts - Negative Space

Curated Quilts – Negative Space

The Curated Quilts magazine is always a treat, but I do have a deep love for quilts with a lot of negative space, so I have been eagerly anticipating taking my time, savoring cups of tea, and giving this issue a slow, deep read. I love the attention to detail that Christine and Amy give to the way the magazine feels and looks as well as the diverse contributors they select and feature.

Curated Quilts - Negative Space Gallery

Curated Quilts – Negative Space Gallery

Push-Pull is featured in the Gallery section, as are an absolute wealth of other beautiful quilts. One of my favorite aspects of the gallery is the ability to examine the quilting motifs and choices of each maker.

Curated Quilts - Negative Space Quilt As Desired

Curated Quilts – Negative Space Quilt As Desired

Speaking of quilting choices, I’m really excited to have my article, “Quilt as Desired: Negative Space” included. I walk through the thought and doodle process I follow to develop a quilting plan, with my main goal being to develop a quilting plan that transforms the negative space into a secondary design element. To do so, I share several quilts you might already be familiar with if you’ve been a long time blog reader (like Garden Peony, featured above).

Cloudy Night Sky

Cloudy Night Sky

For the article, I also developed an entirely new design that I named Cloudy Night Sky. Using this graphic design as a blank slate, I share the steps I took to arrive at a quilting plan. I’m very excited about the design and quilting plan I created while writing the article, so expect to see me making this quilt at some point in the next year (hopefully)!

If you would like to read my article and get all of the other wonderful content, be sure to use code JETGIRL to get 10% off any Curated Quilts purchase. I know what I’ll be reading this weekend!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link; in fact, in this case, don’t forget to use code JETGIRL for 10% off any Curated Quilts orders. Thank you, in advance, for your support!

14 thoughts on “Curated Quilts: Negative Space

  1. Congrats on the article – I do love seeing you figure out your quilting designs for negative space. Glad you were able to get another copy of the magazine!

  2. Congratulations on the article, Yvonne. You are so thoughtful in your process, and I learn so much from you as you share your quilts and quilting. I like Cloudy Night Sky, it’s very dynamic, yet soft. Cool.

  3. Love the quilts you submitted!!! You have such an eye for using negative space creatively!
    now the magazine… you know your postal person is reading it cover to cover first right? haha!!!

  4. aquilterstable says:

    Wow about the lost issue…especially when you’re REALLY excited about getting it! Anyway, congrats on the article and quilt in the gallery – and the reminder to check out my issue. I just realized it arrived but I never sat down to look. OOPS

  5. Congrats on being featured in Curated Quilts! I like how that magazine takes a deep dive into an aspect of quilt design and presents it in such an exceptional way. Glad you were finally able to get your copy. I’ll look forward to seeing your Cloudy Night sky come to life – love the design so far!

  6. Congratulations on being featured in Curated Quilts! I love how you are combining curves and hard lines to make such interesting shapes in your Cloudy Sky design.

  7. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Congratulations Yvonne! Your quilts are always beautiful, but you always provoke my thoughts with your descriptions of how you got to your end point.

  8. Liz W says:

    Congrats on being in Curated Quilts! I own a few issues and they are more collector book than magazine issues, really beautiful books. I love looking at quilts with negative space, though I don’t like to make them (not sure why). Cloudy Night Sky looks like another stunner, and I can’t wait to see how you will quilt it.

  9. Paula Reynolds says:

    Love, love ,LOVE your cloudy night sky!!!!!

  10. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    Congratulations on having a quilt in the gallery and especially on your article. I always love seeing how you choose to quilt your projects and reading your thought process. I’m also glad that you finally got your own copy of the magazine.

  11. Kate says:

    Congrats on the the publication of the article and the quilt in the gallery. Very cool.

  12. Elizabeth E. says:

    Well, this is exciting! A quilt in the editorial feature AND an article, all in the same magazine! Congratulations to you, Yvonne–you have lots of talent and skills to share, so I’m happy that you hit print. And sorry about the mailbox shuffle, but most happy you were able to get your magazine after all.

  13. Patty says:

    I enjoyed your negative space article in that issue – and when I saw the Cloudy Night Sky design, I thought, hmm, I don’t’ remember this one! (I hope you do make the quilt.) My quilt Left Turn was featured in the gallery too! 🙂

  14. I read this in my inbox, so I see I did not comment, though I did it in my head! Good for you for having an article published in CC. Too funny (but typical) that the article birthed a new quilt design, a cool one!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)