Flying Geese Mini Quilt
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Flying Geese Mini Quilt

After piecing my Flying Geese Mini Quilt, I had to set it aside for a bit because my parents were out for a visit. I still had fun in my studio, though, and helped my mom piece a baby quilt top while she was here.

Basted - Backing and Binding Selections

Basted – Backing and Binding Selections

I raided my print stash (yes, they are small bins, but they have a lot of fun things in them anyway), and I picked out a remnant of a Tula Pink widebacking print to use for the back of the mini quilt. And I also opted for a Tula Pink stripe for the binding. I also looked through my batting scraps and found a piece that was *barely* big enough to use for the mini, as you can see by how little of the batting extends beyond the quilt top in my photo above. I did use safety pins to secure the batting to the backing outside of the quilt top and that helped keep things in place while I was quilting. Normally I would want a bit more margin than this, but I made it work this time.

Flying Geese Mini Quilt

Flying Geese Mini Quilt

I used my walking foot to quilt a 1″ spaced spiral starting at the center of the flying geese spiral. I used 50wt Aurifil 2588 (Light Magenta) for the quilting.

Flying Geese Mini Quilt

Flying Geese Mini Quilt

I cut the binding into 2¼” strips and sewed it on to the front of the quilt using a true ¼” seam allowance. Note that to keep the points of the flying geese, I trimmed the mini quilt to have between ¼” and ⅜” from the edge of the points when squaring up the quilt after quilting. And for the most part, I think I succeeded in maintaining the points around the perimeter of the mini quilt.

Flying Geese Mini Quilt - Backing

Flying Geese Mini Quilt – Backing

The 22″ wide by 24″ high mini quilt didn’t take long to hand bind. All in all, I’m really happy with how the mini quilt came together. And if you’re curious, the Flying Geese Mini Quilt Tutorial gives all the details on how you can make your own version, too!

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23 thoughts on “Flying Geese Mini Quilt

  1. Danice G says:

    What a pretty little quilt. The back is as pretty as the front too. I love the quilting also. Will be making one of my own hopefully soon, Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Cindy Pieters says:

    A lovely finish! Did you have any problems with the batting being on the skimpy side?

  3. Miriam says:

    I love this. The quilting is a perfect foil for the geese. Beautiful backing!

  4. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says:

    I can see you really made-do with the backing and batting. What a cute finish, Yvonne!!! The spiral quilting, binding and backing add so much personality to your mini!

  5. Love the finished piece – the quilting is perfect as is the binging. It gives a little spice to the swirling geese.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Definitely a beauty; the colors, the quilting design, and the backing which I think is gorgeous!

  7. I have had close calls with batting that is almost too small. Love the idea of pinning the perimeter to the backing for extra security. I hope I can put that idea in the correct part of my brain such that I remember to do it next time I am in this situation!!

  8. Such a fun finish, and finding those fabrics in your stash is a real bonus. I love that backing piece! I’m still just delighted over how much your tutorial made a different in my flying geese. Thanks for the tip on saving the points, too!

  9. Omg I ADORE that backing fabric!!! Glad you got to spend some relaxing and win wi ding time in your sewing room.

    1. Egad. I should’ve proofed!
      Some unwinding time!!

  10. Judi Wamsley says:

    Love this mini flying geese quilt! It’s sew cute! Plan on making one as soon as I can. Thank you sew much!❤️

  11. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    This is such a fun finish. I love the combination of solids on front and print on back with the striped binding. The spiral quilting also emphasizes the directions of your geese.

  12. Susan says:

    Ooh, that is so nice. I can’t comment on my old laptop where I can’t get you sight up, but here I am in the study at my PC finally and browsing,. Your quilts are always so fresh looking. TAke care & hugs.

  13. aquilterstable says:

    This turned out so nice. I love that you incorporated some prints into this project. Solids + a bit of print is often a fun option.

  14. Patty says:

    Love a good flying geese quilt! Nice mini!

  15. Nicolle C. says:

    Love how your mini came out and absolutely adore the spiral quilting. I’m inspired to try it now on a small project!

  16. I love this WHOLE thing!!! The way you pieced it, the setting, the quilting – Its just a perfect finish!!!

  17. Anja Clyke says:

    This is a fun project. It sounds like you had a great visit with your mom.

  18. Sally says:

    What a cool quilt. Neat backing, too.

  19. Elizabeth E. says:

    I’ve been watching the evolution of this, from tutorial to completed mini. As usual, you bring us eye candy and a fun project. You excelled at keeping your points around the edge–not an easy thing to do! Thank you for this lovely post (and since I am coming to it late, yes–thinking about your Mom). Hugs! (no need to reply to this.)

  20. Dawn Tornes says:

    You do beautiful work Yvonne! This mini is no exception. Love the colors!

  21. I love this sweet little mini! The colors, quilting design, and stripy binding are perfect.

  22. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tutorials on the 22nd! I expect I will finally get to use these in the QAL – so excited. Now to finalize my fabric selection.

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