The Quilt Keeper

The Quilt Keeper

Just after we had arrived in California, but before our household items had arrived to start unpacking, I was contacted by Azera from The Quilt Keeper. Azera is the communications, advertising, and shipping coordinator for The Quilt Keeper and her mother, Ellen Taurins, is the inventor and patent owner of The Quilt Keeper. Azera was hoping I would be willing to give The Quilt Keeper a try, and to be honest, her request came at the absolute perfect timing. I was thinking about how I wanted to set up my new studio, and the thought of being able to add another quilt into my space by having it hang on my door made me happy to think about!

The Quilt Keeper

The Quilt Keeper – Pulsar, Scoop, Aggregate Cross, Refraction, and Trussed

Speaking of perfect timing, The Quilt Keeper arrived the same day as our household goods. Just a few days later, I had my quilts unboxed and I was ready to give it a try. It was super easy and straight forward to install: the directions are clear, and I was delighted to find there was plenty of space for the hangars on top of the door to allow the door to still close easily.

The hangars for the door are generously sized to accommodate a variety of door thicknesses. Also included in the assembly package is a strip of self-adhesive foam padding which is easy to add to the back side of the hooks to get them to fit the thickness of your door.

The Quilt Keeper

The Quilt Keeper

In the evening, I close the door to my studio so that when we choose to cool (or heat) our bedroom (which is to the far right in the photo above), we can more locally control our bedroom temperature. Right now, Pulsar is hanging there and adds a lovely compliment to either the hallway or my studio. I also have Downstream and Scoop hanging in the hallway space, and it’s making me so happy to have so many of my quilts already on display!

The Quilt Keeper

The Quilt Keeper

I am utterly delighted with The Quilt Keeper! If you are interested in giving The Quilt Keeper a try, be sure to use coupon code SUMMER at checkout for $5 off a single hangar purchase. And an order of 3 Quilt Keepers is currently already discounted by almost $21!

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7 thoughts on “The Quilt Keeper

  1. What an awesome and easy way to display quilts! I love how your new place looks with so many of your quilts displayed.

  2. Liz says:

    That is very cool! I’m always looking for good and easy ways to hang quilts, because I really hate sewing a pocket and using a dowel. By the way, how did you hang those other quilts totally flush on the wall? They look like they’re pinned or something, is that right?

    1. Great question, Liz! I just used flush push pins / thumb tacks. For small quilts like those, I don’t worry about the small holes the tacks will create – a sewing needle creates holes, after all.

  3. patty says:

    Your new space looks wonderful!

  4. Isabelle Doblanko says:

    That looks amazing and practical too.

  5. Such an awesome product!

  6. The Quilt Keep is a terrific idea. I enjoyed reading your review and especially seeing your quilts hanging to spruce up and brighten the place! I pin quilts into the walls with fine pins too!

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