Table Setting

Digital Wave Runner Table Setting

I hated having to play coy about my intentions when I was making the Digital Wave Table Runner and matching placemats and mug rugs, but I had *hoped* that they would work on our new dining room table. Some of my hesitation in sharing about the potential move was that so many of our previous real estate deals earlier in the year had fallen through. Thankfully, this all worked out (and worked out well)! Part of our purchase agreement was for the apartment to be furnished. We had eaten dinner at the table with our friends a few times before, so I was going off of my memory on the size of the table, but I can happily report that it all fits and works nicely in the space. Hooray!

Table Setting

Table Setting

Since it will be just the two of us eating at our table 99% of the time, this set will work really well in the new space. I do think that I will recover the seats of the chairs (and yes, it will probably be a navy blue when I do that), but we have a few larger, and more pressing projects to continue to finish up around the apartment. Including making a table so that my sewing machine and cutting mat have somewhere to go!

Table Setting

Table Setting

The main floor of the apartment is a very open floor plan. Our cottage from Hawaii would fit in half of the square footage of this first floor, which is a bit mind boggling. But it makes it all the nicer that the apartment came furnished! You can probably spy in the reflection of the mirror in the photo above that I already have quilts hanging on the walls, too.

Table Setting

Table Setting

All in all, I am quite happy with how the table runner, placemats, and mug rugs work on the table for us!! We had a very productive weekend and we were able to fully unload our items out of the 20-foot sea container (which was less than half full). All of the boxes for the apartment have been opened, items put away, and the boxes have been broken down. I have one bin left to distribute around in my office, and as I mentioned above, my sewing machine and cutting mat are still waiting for a table to be built for them.

The bulk of the work ahead for us will be the reorganization of the hangar / shop space. Hangars are large and have a tendency to accumulate a lot of things. In our first few weeks here, the previous owners and then we did an amazing job rehoming almost all of the large items we did not purchase. But now it’s down to us going through all the shelves and bins and figuring out what we want to keep, what we can donate, and what we need to get rid of. One day at a time!

14 thoughts on “Digital Wave Runner Table Setting

  1. Debra G Best says:

    The table setting is so soothing and welcoming! You are amazing! I enjoy reading what you have done. ❤️

  2. Suzanne says:

    What a great space, I love how open it is! It’s very different from what I visualized when you described the place, but I know that’s normal. The important part is that you’re both happy there. And I’m happy for you!
    I’m sure the two of you can build a perfect sewing machine table in no time, because if I were you, I’d be itching like crazy to get back at my machine. I’m looking forward to seeing how the table looks and works. Have you considered one of those pneumatic lifts? My table has one and I think it’s great. It’s quick to work and easy to use.
    I’m not talking about the uber-expensive type, mine has only three positions – table level – partway down and all the way down. I have no idea why there’s a partway down position. Could it have something to do with the pneumatics?
    Have a wonderful week! I wish you well and hope you make lots of progress.

  3. Debbie says:

    You’ve made such great progress already and your table setting is perfect. Looking forward to seeing your studio come together!

  4. I did see that quilt reflected in the mirror, which was fun! I hope you’ve had time to recharge a bit, too, you sure have been busy with all the unpacking and settling in!

  5. So glad that the placemats & runner worked perfectly! It is a lovely space and will be made lovelier each day by you and your husband’s touches. I love seeing the quilt in the mirror – very nice. Moving is hard and this market is nuts. Glad you were able to work out something that suits you both. Do you have an insert for your machine? You could order that and use it as the template for cutting…although I suspect you will do it all…engineers are like that.

  6. Rochelle Summers says:

    Oh, Wow! I’ve been thinking about this move since I read the previous post and thought about your cottage in Hawaii and how much bigger the apartment is. It must feel wonderful to be able to spread out some. Your table runner, placemats and coasters look so nice on the table. And the photos of the space are very nice. I admire your sense of adventure….in the time I’ve been following you, you spent time driving to and through Alaska; then off to Hawaii; and now back to California. What stories you have to tell.

  7. Cheryl M Strong says:

    the best part of living in a small house is that you cannot accumulate a lot of stuff. I shudder to think what my husband could do with a hanger! Congrats on this great space.

  8. Tracie says:

    A beautiful place to eat makes a house feel like home. I do know what an airplane hangar can contain, so you have your work cut out for you – all in good time. It’s having the vision that matters. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

  9. Liz W says:

    Beautiful table settings! (And that quilt on the wall is just so lovely too.) I remember how it was moving into a new home, it truly was one day at a time … or one box at a time! Good luck with this process, I’m sure it’s also very exciting!

  10. Your new table set looks great, and you bet I spied some quilts on the walls! That huge world mural is quite the eye-catching object too! I love the colour of the floors, very warm vibes.

  11. Kaja says:

    Your table set looks just right. The whole of your living space looks pretty cool – spacious but still home-y. Quilts on walls helps give any place a good feel.

  12. Julie Vogel says:

    Love your new digs! Placemats and runner are great, of course! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’m so glad to see your living space now. I’ve been wondering what it would be like! I’m curious about the surface of your dining table. Is that stainless steel? I’m considering stainless for new kitchen counters. Welcome home! I hope you’re both very happy there.

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