Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats
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Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

Last week, I was happy to find that I had plenty of remaining red, cream, and blue fabric left over from the Digital Wave table runner to piece two placemat tops. There wasn’t a LOT of fabric, so I decided to keep it very simple and just create bands of color. Too many more seams and I wouldn’t have had enough fabric.

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

I opted to use the same thread and free motion quilting motif that I used for the table runner; I used 50wt Aurifil 2311 (Muslin) to quilt a field of stars across the table runner. Last week Suzanne asked how I kept them so consistent in size. There is actually quite a bit of variation in the size of the stars. Some are smaller and fill in the small spaced. And the largest size is really dictated by how far I can free motion quilt a straight (or straight-ish) line.

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats - Backing

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats – Backing

I did not, however, have enough of the plaid print left over after using it for the back of the table runner for both placemat backings. Thankfully I used the extra strip piecing from the placemat tops to fill in and create a pieced backing. When I basted the placemats, the backing were only ½” larger in each dimension than the tops which was a little fiddly, but I made it work.

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

Thankfully I had plenty of the same binding gingham print to bind the placemats. Right now, I only have about 4″ x WOF left of the gingham print.

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

After quilting, I trimmed up the placemats to be about 12⅛” x 16⅛” (the tops were 12½” x 16½” prior to quilting). I expect them to shrink to be about 11½” x 15½” after first wash.

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats - Scrap Fabric

Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats – Scrap Fabric

The only fabric I have left are the small strips shown on the right in the photo above. My goal this week will be to see if I can turn those strips into coordinating mug rugs. As I am out of the backing print, I’m hoping I’ll have enough there for piecing tops and backings. I have just enough of the binding print to bind 2 mug rugs, so hopefully it will all work out. Wish me luck; it might be tight! What are you working on this week?

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8 thoughts on “Red, Cream, and Blue Placemats

  1. Lovely placemats and happy July 4th!

  2. Using up all the leftover scraps from a quilt is so satisfying, isn’t it? Makes me happy when I don’t have to put any fabric away, and I know I’ve made room (for more fabric – LOL). The placemats are festive and fun; I like the star quilting! Happy 4th!

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    Both the runner and the placemats are wonderful! So nice to use up the leftover runner fabrics for coordinating pieces. Just yesterday I pulled out a quilt top and began to piece the backing with leftover pieces also. Happy 4th!

  4. The placemats look terrific and I’m sure the mug rugs will work out. Not sure what sewing will happen this week…work is happening on the second floor in our cottage and company at the end of the week. I will be glad with anything I get done.

  5. Debbie says:

    Love how you are losing nearly every inch of those fabrics! The placemats turned out great with those bars of color. Will you use them today, or will they be gifted?

  6. I love these, so simple and the stars in the quilting just make the design sing!

  7. Both sides are beautiful!!! great placemats!!!

  8. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says:

    Awesome quilting!!! Love all those mini stars, Yvonne!! And what a great binding finish!

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