Digital Wave Table Runner - Fabric Pull

Red, Cream, and Blue Digital Wave

After making the Red, White (or Cream), and Blue digital mockups of a few of my quilt designs at the end of May, I couldn’t shake the mockup of Digital Wave in reds, cream, and blues.

Digital Wave Table Runner - Fabric Pull

Digital Wave Table Runner – Fabric Pull

So after the Meringue pattern release last week, I dug through my stash bins and came up with these solids for the quilt top. I don’t know the name of all of the solids, but I do know there is some Kona Ruby and Kona Oyster. Beyond that, I’m pretty sure they are all Kona cotton solids.

Digital Wave Table Runner - Fabric Prep

Digital Wave Table Runner – Fabric Prep

The Digital Wave pattern is offered in three sizes: Baby (48″ square), Lap (72″ square), and Queen (96″ square), but I did not have enough fabric to make the baby size. So, I’m downsizing to make a mini (24″ square), but I decided to pivot and sew the blocks into a 12″ x 48″ table runner.

Digital Wave Table Runner

Digital Wave Table Runner

Can you tell I was excited?? The table runner quilt top came together quickly, but I really did spend a lot of time thinking about sewing this together and I was ready to go! I knew when I selected the fabrics that there wasn’t a lot of value difference between the lighter two reds, but boy is it pretty obvious in this photo.

Digital Wave Table Runner - Seams

Digital Wave Table Runner – Seams

Even the back side of the quilt top looks good to me! I’m thinking of making a quick PDF addendum that would be part of the Digital Wave quilt pattern that includes the yardage and cutting instructions to make the smaller 24″ square mini quilt or 12″ x 48″ table runner. Let’s see if I can get that created and added to the shop by the time I finish the quilt. It’s nice to have goals, right??

Digital Wave Table Runner - Fabric Scraps

Digital Wave Table Runner – Fabric Scraps

Speaking of goals, these are the fabric scraps I have left after piecing the table runner. I think they are begging to be made into mini mini quilts. So, I guess you know what colors my next series of quilts are going to be made out of!

What are you working on this week?

5 thoughts on “Red, Cream, and Blue Digital Wave

  1. Debbie says:

    Fun to see you tweak your own design in to a runner!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Way cool! Similar value between reds notwithstanding, it’s bold and beautiful. And held up that way, it reminds me of a Native American totem.

  3. That looks VERY cool!
    and how fun to have the leftovers – can’t wait to see that piece too!

  4. Patty says:

    I really love that no scrap goes to waster or gather dust! just gets turned into smaller sized quilts!

  5. Elizabeth E. says:

    I’m about ready to pull out all my RWB quilty things, so really enjoyed this post. I don’t mind that the two reds merged visually, as it acts as that syncopated beat in the block, giving it interest with the visuals of different spacing. July is just around the corner!

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