Red, White/Cream, and Blue Quilt Mockups

I started thinking about picnic and holiday quilts due to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend (here in the United States) and the start of summer for the northern hemisphere. I don’t tend to make a lot of holiday based quilt patterns, but I wanted to show how a few of my older quilt patterns can be used to make lovely red, white (or cream), and blue versions.

Digital Wave in Reds, Cream, and Blues

Digital Wave in Reds, Cream, and Blues

The lap size version of Digital Wave finishes at 72″ square and would make a perfect quick summer picnic quilt. Thinking about sitting on this quilt in the grass, I opted to mockup this version using a cream. I used Kona Cotton in Crimson, Rich Red, Red, Champagne, Nightfall, and Blueprint.

Beanie Cap in Reds, White, and Blues

Beanie Cap in Reds, White, and Blues

Beanie Cap is one of my older patterns that I’d love to have the opportunity to go back and make a second time now that I’ve learned a lot more about color value through my exploration of Transparency. This version of Beanie cap uses Kona Cotton in White, Crimson, Rich Red, Nightfall, and Blueprint.

Thorn in Red, White, and Blue

Thorn in Red, White, and Blue

Thorn is a really fun block based pattern. The blocks can be arranged in lots of different ways to create your own unique layout. This version of Thorn uses Kona Cotton in Rich Red, White, and Blueprint.

Wonder in Red, White, Cream, and Blue

Wonder in Red, White, Cream, and Blue

Last, but not least, is a slight tweak to the wonder woman inspired colorway of my design, Wonder. Instead of two tones of yellow, I swapped in white and cream. This version of Wonder uses Kona Cotton in Rich Red, White, Champagne, and Blueprint.

I had fun making these mockups of red, white, and blue quilts for Memorial Day / 4th of July holiday quilts or even to consider as an option for Quilts of Valor in the US. If any of these speak to you, you can find the patterns (and lots of others) in my pattern shop. I’d love to know: Do you have picnic quilts? Do you like to make holiday or thematic quilts?

If you are in the United States, please have a happy and safe long weekend. If you, a family member, or friends have served in the military, thank you so much for your service.

9 thoughts on “Red, White/Cream, and Blue Quilt Mockups

  1. m m mullins says:

    These are striking versions of your designs. If I were you, I would be eagerly awaiting access to these Kona colors. I haven’t been
    keeping track — maybe you have received them through that answer to your Christmas wish list from your mother.

  2. patty says:

    Fun colorings. I like the Beanie Cap quilt – don’t remember seeing that pattern before!

  3. Rochelle Summers says:

    I love your patriotic mockups of these older patterns. Beanie Cap and Thorn really speak the loudest to me. The colors you’ve selected for all these quilts are bold and bright. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  4. Your RWB versions of your quilts are fun to see. I do make some smaller holiday quilts, but am not very big on decorating for the season/holiday. I do a little, but not too much. Hope your weekend is lovely.

  5. Suzanne says:

    They all could be great additions to a quilt of valor, but I like Digital Wave the best!

  6. Those are so pretty mocked up like that!! perfect for QOV or for Summer picnics!!!

  7. Beautiful, Yvonne! It is great to see your modern designs in patriotic colors.

  8. Great renderings! I love seeing all of these designs again and I think my favorite might be Wonder.

  9. It’s always fun to play with our own designs in various colour schemes. Don’t some of them make you go whoa… and wow… often such a different vibe.

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