Garden Peony - Quilting Plan

Garden Peony Quilting Plan {Meringue Bonus Quilt}

I was stumped at first (you’ll see a lot of initial thoughts from all over designs to different ways of thinking about the relationship of the elements of the quilt in the timelapse video below), but when I found a path through the shapes I knew I was on the right path!

I *think* I have also figured out why the resolution on this timelapse and my previous Meringue quilting plan timelapse are a bit grainy. So hopefully my next one will be a bit sharper. Here’s hoping I remember what I need to do differently and that I’m right, haha!

Garden Peony - Quilting Plan

Garden Peony – Quilting Plan

When it was all put together, I knew I was really happy with the quilting plan for Garden Peony. Which made me think about my Meringue quilting plan, which still felt… incomplete. So, based on some great feedback on my blog post last week, I made a few tweaks.

Meringue Quilting Plan - Echo Quilting Mod

Meringue Quilting Plan – Echo Quilting Mod

Almost all of the feedback I received was that people really liked the echo quilting. I honestly wasn’t sold on it and preferred the quilting plan without the echo quilting. But Kathleen McCormick from Kathleen McMusing suggested I consider ending the grid at where the echo quilting begins, and she was so, so right. Sandra Walker from mmmquilts also suggested I look at 3 echo lines, and I doodled that as well (both with and without the grid lines behind the echoes), and I think the right balance for this quilt is 2 (which is 3 lines if you consider the outline quilting I’ll do around the perimeter. Is that cheating, Sandra, haha??).

I also had a suggestion in my Facebook group by Linda McLaren that I adore (note she shared a zoomed portion of the sketch of the Kona Spice orange peel shape next to the center curve star for a point of reference): “It would also be fun to have the cross hatching in the transparency segments to have the quilting thread from the 2 colours (eg here, cheddar and dark brown)”. I am so thankful for all the input and suggestions and now that I’m confident on the path forward, it’s time to mark and baste some quilts!!

7 thoughts on “Garden Peony Quilting Plan {Meringue Bonus Quilt}

  1. It’s amazing what lines can do! I like both of these so much. LOL on the cheating by counting the outlining! It is your quilt. Also really cool is the iPad app you’re using (my iPad -2012- is too ancient to do new updates) and the YouTube time lapse another cool thing–all this tech stuff we can do from home! Something just struck me with these naysayers about science: how come they are fine with investigating and learning and discovering new methods, in other words, advancements, in tech but not in science? Hmm. I also think it’s pretty neat that sometimes a comment from a reader can just turn on a lightbulb in your head, like Kathleen’s did. That happened to me with one of my RSC quilts when I wasn’t sure on the layout and someone said what about do a half block in alternate columns…Zing! Lightbulb! Happy stitching!

  2. Dawn says:

    Ditto! The quilting lines transform these quilts! Amazing!

  3. Debbie says:

    Yay for having plans in place! So are you quilting Garden Peony first?

  4. What a great job you did on this, incorporating those suggestions that you like. I love seeing the drawing process, and it really is fun when the light goes on. I totally think you are at 3 with the outline! Love the continuous line you found in Garden Peony. I am doing an procreate class now, and It is fun to learn new ways of presenting your process. The quilting plans you have are fab, and I can’t wait to see them done.

  5. m m mullins says:

    I think you’re following the advice of Davy Crockett? “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”
    You’re ready to go ahead!

  6. Suzanne says:

    In as much as the colors are not my favorites (you know me with my blues and greens) I still LOVE these two quilts. And your quilting plans are super! I especially like the Garden Peony plan; it looks very Art Deco. Way cool all around.

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