Stash Fabrics Kona Club Storage Solution - Bookshelves!

Current Stash Fabrics Kona Club Storage Solution

I have officially received one third of the Stash Fabrics Kona Club fabric. In January, I wasn’t sure how I was going to store all this fabric so I put it all back in the box it was shipped in and tucked it away in my “super closet” for later consideration. I am getting a yard of each color, and by the time it is all here, I’m pretty sure this fabric alone will be about 1.5 times the amount of fabric I normally have in my stash. So a better plan was clearly needed. But before I share the current stashing solution, let me share the last two months of color goodness!

March 2022 Kona Club

March 2022 Kona Club

March brought a lot of spicy, warm, earth tones. I really appreciate how the reds and oranges interspersed with the browns and creams created a lot of warmth and interest. Food for future thought when I get to the point of considering how to use all this great fabric!

April 2022 Kona Club

April 2022 Kona Club

The bundle this month really makes me nostalgic for the desert. I have worked through a lot of misgivings about certain colors over the years (hello pink and orange, I’m glad we’re friends now!), but olive green colors have remained a bit of a mystery to me. However, seeing it grouped here with the dusty pinks and creams, I can definitely see a path to being excited to dip into that color for a project.

Stash Fabrics Kona Club Storage Solution - Bookshelves!

Stash Fabrics Kona Club Storage Solution – Bookshelves!

When my husband was building a dividing wall to create a small bedroom for us in our cottage, he made built in bookshelves on the opposite side of the wall. We didn’t bring many books with us (not knowing how the paper would hold up in this high humidity environment), so I figure the best way to store all this lovely fabric is to put it on the bookshelves for now.

Fabric on Bookshelves!

Fabric on Bookshelves!

I’m keeping the fabric in protective plastic for now to protect it from the inevitable dust; a quilter does live here and works very nearby, so there is a fair amount of dust and lint around. The bags are not completely sealed, and I plan to make sure there isn’t moisture building up in them over time, but so far, so good.

Do you have a unique way or place to store your fabric stash?

12 thoughts on “Current Stash Fabrics Kona Club Storage Solution

  1. Shannon says:

    Gosh, they look so pretty all nicely stacked in your bookcase! Can’t wait to see what you make with them!

  2. They look delightful in that bookshelf…but I can imagine all the fabric that will be! It is gorgeous and you will make some real beauties out of it. I don’t have any brilliant storage solutions….right now some of my fabric is in plastic shoe boxes and some in drawers. It is not ideal in either place, but I consider it a work in progress.

  3. Those soft pastel colors for April are lovely. I can definitely see those in some of your designs in the future. I store my yardage on comic boards (acid free) and upright on open shelves. Could you place a silica pack in each of those bundles to prevent moisture?

    1. Suzanne says:

      What a good idea! I put silica packs underneath my machines to prevent moisture buildup. It’s OK in winter, but I live in eastern PA and the summer humidity can be horrendous. I have a number of vintage machines that I want protected. I never thought of putting them with fabrics. Thank you!

  4. Debbie says:

    These are really lovely! I’m wanting to augment my solid stash a bit, and I’m in a quandary for how much to purchase of each solid! Love that you’ll have so many options for palettes, and it’s cool that you are seeing new ones in the stacks themselves.

  5. Patty says:

    I’m thinking it might be hard to pull fabric out of those bundles. They look so pretty all together!

  6. I use 6″ deep bins for fat quarters and eighths. Deeper bins for yardage, and all sorted by color. Kits, both purchased and created by me, go in project boxes where they stay until they’re tops. I think I could open a store…

  7. M M Mullins says:

    Bright sunlight that you likely have in Hawaii can fade fabric. Do I see a window close by?
    It might be smart to be sure your fabric is stored away from sunlight that can damage it.

    1. We have very large eaves so that we can have the windows open in the rain, which means no direct sun actually comes in to touch the fabrics, but thank you for your concern.

  8. Kaja says:

    I wish my fabric storage was as good as yours, but I have small boxes which are currently spread over several locations. I’m working on it though! I too love April’s stack – the deep green with those pretty pastels is very appealing.

  9. Suzanne says:

    My former-bedroom-now-sewing-and-computer room has a sliding door closet which I converted to fabric and misc. sewing “stuff” storage. I did a little conversion inside and put in multi level wire storage units. They’re strong and make it easy to see what you’ve got. Most of my fabric is wrapped around comic cards and my scraps are in little dollar-store tubes sorted by color family. Since I do all types of sewing, I also store items such as interfacings, knits, some flannels, upholstery fabric and some vintage fabrics.
    It’s not perfect, but it does keep things reasonably tidy. At least in the closet it does!

  10. Elizabeth E. says:

    I love the observation that seeing these colors in combination with each other does give rise to new ideas about how to use them together. I tend to travel in one lane of color (witness my cubbies of blues) but seeing the olive greens near the shell pinks reminds me of how opposites do attract (red/green across from each other on most color wheels). Beautiful “desert” colors, too.
    I think the cubbies are a fine way to store the fabrics.I’m always impressed with how you make your cottage work for you!

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