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Sesen Pattern Release

Sometimes, a quilt tells you what it wants. Different colors, specific quilting motifs, a particular binding; whatever the case may be. Sesen has taught me that sometimes quilt patterns can tell you what they need to be. Today, after taking the time to really listen to what the quilt had to teach me, I am really pleased to be able to offer a digital quilt pattern for Sesen. The pattern offers three sizes (baby, lap or queen) AND the pattern includes instructions for a Sequenced quilt, a bonus quilt option for the large scraps created in piecing.



Fabrics & Materials

Sesen - Hera Marker

Sesen – Using a Hera Marker to Mark Quilting Guide Lines

For the cover quilt, I used Kona Natural for the background and quilt backing, Fabric A is Kona Papaya, Fabric B is Kona Kumquat, and Fabric C and the binding is Kona Coral. I used Quilter’s Dream Dream Green batting. For the quilting, I paired 50wt Aurifil 2000 (Light Sand) with Kona Natural, 50wt Aurifil 2277 (Light Orange Red) with Kona Coral, 50wt Aurifl 1133 (Bright Orange) with Kona Kumquat, and 50wt Aurifil 2145 (Yellow Orange) with Kona Papaya.


Sesen - Detail of Quilting on Quilt Backing

Sesen – Detail of Quilting on Quilt Backing

For the quilting, I used a 1″ spacing to create a crosshatch over the background and echo quilted around the piecing with matching thread. You can read all about my quilting motif selection process here:

Sesen Pattern Details

Deep dive into intermediate to advanced curved piecing techniques to create a beautiful Sesen quilt. The pattern will guide you through creating inset seams along with intermediate to advanced curved piecing techniques. I also offer the Sesen Skill Builder Bundle (more details about the bundle are included below) so that you can practice the inset seams and curves before tackling the larger Sesen quilt pattern.

Sesen means lotus flower and is a symbol of the sun, creation, and rebirth. Kindle your creativity with this modern, graphic quilt design!

Sizing / Finished Measurements

Baby: 36″ x 36″ (40″ x 50″ bonus quilt)
Lap: 72″ x 72″ (60″ x 80″ bonus quilt)
Queen: 96″ x 108″ (60″ x 80″ bonus quilt)

Sesen Piecing Progress

Sesen Piecing Progress

Templates and Template Preparation

I work with acrylic templates when I am piecing curves, but I know that not all templates are the same and not everyone has templates. When cutting the concave and convex shapes, you may use templates included at the end of the PDF on pages 20-21 or standard 6ʺ finished / 6½ʺ unfinished Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates (I personally use templates from Jen Carlton-Bailly). Note: If you have your own set of Drunkard’s Path acrylic templates, I recommend printing out the templates from pages 20-21 and verifying that your templates match the concave and convex shapes suggested for the pattern.

Additional Supplies

  • I find a smaller 28mm rotary cutter ideal for cutting curves in combination with acrylic rulers. This is totally optional. A 45mm rotary cutter will also work very well.
  • 12½ʺ square ruler or larger
  • Stiletto

Sequenced Bonus Quilt

An overall straight shot of the Sequenced quilt, which is made using a combination of 5" square drunkard's path (quarter circle) blocks in Kona Purple, Kona Coral, and Kona Kumquat.

Sequenced Quilt

By reserving the large scraps in the Sesen pattern as noted, if you are making a baby size version of Sesen, with an additional 2¼ yards of background fabric, 2¾ yards of backing fabric, and ½ yard of binding fabric, you can make a 40″ x 50″ Sequenced Bonus quilt*. If you are making a lap or queen size version of Sesen, with an additional 4 yards of background fabric, 5 yards of backing fabric, and ⅝ yard of binding fabric, you can make a 60″ x 80″ Sequenced Bonus quilt (shown above with Kona Purple as the background, backing, and binding). Instructions for the bonus quilt are included in the Sesen pattern.

*Note that the baby version of Sequenced is a slightly different design than the larger version.


I would like to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for her technical editing, advice, and consultation throughout the pattern writing and quilting process.

Alternate Colorway



I made the first version of Sesen in a lovely blue and yellow colorway on commission. I used Kona Cottons in Blueprint (background, and backing), Periwinkle (piecing and binding), Canary, and Maize. For the piecing, quilting, and attaching the binding, I used 50wt Aurifil 2725 (light wedgewood), which blends in beautifully with the Kona Periwinkle. I used a quick all over stipple for the quilting. It left the quilt soft, cuddly, and full of wonderful drape after it was washed the first time (note the photo above was taken pre-wash).

Sesen Skill Builder Bundle

The Sesen Skill Builder Bundle is the perfect compliment of 3 digital patterns that will guide you through creating beautiful inset circles and inset seams with lower risk block and mini quilt patterns so that you can piece the Sesen quilt pattern with confidence! Start by making a Cathedral Star Block to master full inset circles, and then move on to make a Playful Partial Seams block or mini quilt so that you will feel confident and ready to tackle all the techniques in the Sesen pattern.

Pattern Release Sale

The Sesen digital quilt pattern is on sale for $10 and the Sesen Skill Builder Bundle is on sale for $20 in my pattern shop through Sunday, April 17th.

6 thoughts on “Sesen Pattern Release

  1. First, this quilt is amazing, in all of the versions you have done. I love that you are creating bonus quilts using the scraps. Your management of scraps and keeping your studio small is inspirational. Also, I so appreciate how much of your design process you share.

  2. So many gorgeous quilts! I love that you are publishing a number of versions – big and small and bonus. It really is a fun approach. I always fall in love with the quilt I am making and then wish I was making another….this solves that problem!

  3. Ecellent patterns! I really like the one done in blue/orange!

  4. Preeti says:

    Such a juicy finish, Yvonne!!! Love the citrus colors 🙂 I agree with you – sometimes the quilt will tell you what it wants to become. Congratulations on the pattern release. Of course, it will be a hit.

  5. Love both colourways of Sesen, Yvonne, and that’s something because I am not an orange person! Congrats on another pattern release. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth E. says:

    I caught glimpses of this on IG, but wanted to come here for a fuller read on your quilt(s).
    I am completely in love with that shot of Sesen in the grove of greens–one of the advantages of your living in such a verdant climate. It really shows off the quilt to its best. And as I read through, I’m so amazed by how you covered all the bases in construction, quilting and color selection. They are all so beautiful.
    I tried your Hera marker technique this week on a quilt. I still have some ways to go with proficiency, but it’s nice to know there is no marker there. Thanks for that tip.
    Again–congratulations on your pattern release and on all these beautiful quilts!

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