An overall straight shot of the Sequenced quilt, which is made using a combination of 5" square drunkard's path (quarter circle) blocks in Kona Purple, Kona Coral, and Kona Kumquat.
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Sequenced Quilt

The quilting on Sequenced, the bonus Sesen quilt, came together much quicker than I anticipated, and I just love the additional texture and detail it gives the design!

Sequenced Quilt

Sequenced Quilt

Sequenced is a 60″ x 80″ quilt, which was a comfortable size for my husband to hold inside when we tested out holding the quilt… but he had to balance on his tiptoes when we were outside on the grass. As always, I’m so grateful that he’s always willing to hold my quilts for my finished quilt photography.

A view of the back of the Sequenced Quilt, showing off the quilting detail on the solid Kona purple backing fabric.

Sequenced Quilt (Back)

I used Kona Purple for the back of the quilt and binding (which is the same fabric as the background on the front of the quilt). When a quilt has a solid backing, I love how a detailed quilting plan can create a beautiful two sided quilt! In particular, it’s easy to see that the dense back and forth free motion quilted lines inside the red circles on the front of the quilt read as red on the back of the quilt. The areas where I used matching red or orange thread for simple straight line quilting with my walking foot are color details that are not apparent until you get much closer to the quilt.

A zoomed in detail photo of the quilting detail as viewed on the back of the Sequenced Quilt.

Sequenced Quilt – Quilting Detail on Back

After I finished the purple straight line quilting, I did have a little internal debate with myself if it would be worth switching over to my hopping foot and doing the free motion quilting back and forth lines that I had created in my quilting plan. I am so glad that I didn’t change my mind and went forward with the full quilting plan. I really love the texture that the back and forth lines create, and I like how the back and forth lines in the red circles on the front of the quilt create echo ghost shapes of some of the piecing elements.

A front view of the Sequenced Quilt next to a fruiting Meyer Lemon Tree

Sequenced Quilt and Meyer Lemon Tree

I know it looks like an orange tree, but the tree on the right in the photo above is our Meyer Lemon tree. It produces the largest, most wonderful lemons almost year round. At the end of last summer, we trimmed the tree with the hopes the branches wouldn’t droop down to the ground when it was laden with fruit. We clearly still have some additional trimming to do this year!

An overall straight shot of the Sequenced quilt, which is made using a combination of 5" square drunkard's path (quarter circle) blocks in Kona Purple, Kona Coral, and Kona Kumquat.

Sequenced Quilt

The Sequenced quilt uses the large quarter circle scraps that were left over from making the Sesen quilt (Kona Coral and Kona Kumquat) and an additional background fabric (Kona Purple). Now that the Sesen bonus quilt is complete, I am ready to release the Sesen quilt pattern, which will also include instructions for the Sequenced bonus quilt, so keep an eye out for the release this Friday, April 15th!

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15 thoughts on “Sequenced Quilt

  1. catie roche says:

    Beautiful quilt! I am happy to have found your work online!

  2. Congratulations on this gorgeous finish! Your quilting plan is perfection and the execution of it is so gorgeous. I can’t believe how quickly this went. How nice that you can release the pattern at the end of the week.

  3. I think this is one of my favorites of all the quilts you’ve made. The dimension and texture are amazing, so worth the careful planning and expert execution. Bravo!

  4. Debbie says:

    What a lovely finish! I really enjoyed seeing the back so clearly – your quilting plan was definitely a success! And that lemon tree! How I would love having access to one myself – that and an avocado tree seem like the ultimate indulgence – haha. BTW, I think it’s great that that Sequenced quilt is a BONUS pattern to your Sesen. That’s really cool

  5. Patty says:

    Gorgeous quilt! I too really love when a quilt has a solid back and you can really see the quilting. Great job!

  6. Kaja says:

    I absolutely love this quilt! I like the shapes, the colours, the quilting, the photos. Bravo!!!

  7. That quilting really makes the whole quilt dance!!! Nice that you have lemons year around!

  8. Vicki in MN says:

    Congrats on releasing another pattern! I love this bonus quilt a lot, great job on the quilting, it gives it tons of movement and texture. I take it you are loving living in HI?

  9. Quiltpiecer says:

    Wow, an amazing quilt!

  10. Beautiful quilt, amazing quilting!

  11. That is Just AMAZING!!! Your quilting plan looked so cool – but it is nothing compared to the finish!!! Incredible!!!

  12. Your quilting adds so much incredible life to this one, Yvonne! And the back is just as good as the front. I love solid quilt backs!

  13. I agree with Leanne: Your quilting design is the perfect complement to the piecing, Yvonne. And that bold background color has me smitten. Well done!

  14. MaryAnne says:

    This is a stunning quilt, Yvonne. I love the design and how you used the colors in the design!!

  15. beautiful quilt! great quilting! Congrats

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