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Playful Partial Seams {Pattern Release}

Today, I have a new mini quilt pattern available in my pattern shop: Playful Partial Seams! I created this mini quilt pattern as an introduction into some of the techniques needed for my larger quilt pattern, Sesen. I often find that a lower risk, small project like a mini quilt is the perfect way to try out new techniques without feeling stressed about the outcome.

Not all seams can be assembled with a continuous straight line; sometimes a piece has to be set in. These seams are often referred to as inset seams or partial seams. In the Playful Partial Seams mini quilt pattern, I walk you through piecing 90-degree inset seams and gentle curve partial seams. I call this design playful because it is meant to be low risk and allow you the opportunity to try a new technique before committing to a larger pattern (like Sesen) that contains these techniques.

Partial Seams Mini Quilt

Partial Seams Mini Quilt

I gave the pattern a final test last week when I made the Blue and Yellow version as I meditated on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Playful Partial Seams

Playful Partial Seams

Playful Partial Seams is a perfect pattern for showcasing some of your favorite large scale prints. The fabric requirements are:

  • Fabric A – 1 yard (Tula Pink elephant print in the above photo)
  • Fabric B – ½ yard (Stripe print in the above photo)
  • Backing – 1 yard
  • Binding – ⅜ yard | 3 strips
Partial Seams Mini Quilt

Partial Seams Mini Quilt

The Playful Partial Seams mini quilt digital pattern is on sale in my pattern shop for $8 through Monday, March 28th.

5 thoughts on “Playful Partial Seams {Pattern Release}

  1. Congrats on the getting a new pattern published! Both versions are really fun, but the blue and yellow is my favorite.

  2. This is a perfect project to learn a new technique! Congratulations on another wonderful pattern.

  3. Danice G says:

    Another awesome pattern and quilt,. I especially love the blue and yellow version that you made.

  4. VICTORIA BELL says:

    Are the proceeds from the blue and yellow going to charity to aid Ukraine?

    1. There basically are not any proceeds from the sale of small patterns like this. The Ukraine colors were just a test that I did but not the main point of the pattern. I have made charitable donations to support Ukraine in excess of the pattern sales, but that is not what this pattern is about.

      Thank you for asking,

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