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Planview Quilt Along {Piecing #4}

With all our units trimmed, it’s time to sew together the Planview quilt top! If you have already purchased the Planview Quilt Along pattern, you will receive an email today with the Piecing #4 instructions. Look for an email from newsletter@quiltingjetgirl.com with the subject Planview Quilt Along – Piecing #4. If you haven’t joined in yet, simply purchase the Planview Quilt Along and I will add you to the email list and get the information out to you soon!

Note: Check your spam directory if you don’t see the email!

Piecing #4 - Tip 1

Piecing #4 – Tip 1

I found that the key to following the quilt assembly instructions was to take a few minutes to get organized prior to laying out the quilt. I went back to the Piecing #2 instructions and in combination with the pattern color key that I created with my fabric swatches, I labeled all of the trimmed QST, HST, and hourglass blocks.

Piecing #4 - Tip 2

Piecing #4 – Tip 2

I also highly recommend laying out all of your blocks wherever possible (a design wall, the floor, your cutting mat [if they fit]) and taking a photograph of the arranged blocks. Many times I can spot a block that is not rotated correctly better in a photograph than I can by looking at it in person.

Planview - Quilting Detail

Planview – Quilting Detail

When I tested the Planview quilt pattern and made a lap size version last fall, I created a blog post that shared my Planview Quilting Plan. Although I just completed the new lava colorway baby size version, I’m not sure what my plan for quilting it will be. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts and how I arrive at a new quilting plan via my blog and social media. What ideas do you have for quilting your version?

Piecing #4 - Planview Baby Quilt in Lava Colorway

Piecing #4 – Planview Baby Quilt in Lava Colorway

My final tip for Piecing #4 is to carefully consider if you need to use your seam ripper or not to get “perfect points”. My rule of thumb is that I will sew a seam 3 times (meaning I will allow myself to seam rip a seam only twice). If after I sew the seam the third time I am still not happy, I have to let it go or decide if I want to sew entirely new blocks. In the end, I think it’s more important to have a quilt top that will hold up to use than to have a quilt with perfect points. When I made the lap size quilt, I did use my seam ripper during the quilt top assembly. For the lava colorway baby size version I just finished quilting, I did not use my seam ripper at all and instead tried to slow down and embrace the slight imperfections.

Upcoming Planview Quilt Along Schedule

  • Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – Saturday, April 30,2022 – Final Linkup

Note that the final linkup will be for pieced quilt tops OR finished quilts. By entering the linkup, you will be eligible to win one of the prizes from the quilt along sponsors. I’ll share more details about the linkup on March 30.

3 thoughts on “Planview Quilt Along {Piecing #4}

  1. Martha Wacker says:

    Hi Yvonne, I’d like to contact you about a mistake I made in the Planview quilt! Sent you a message on Facebook but not sure you received it. Is this the best way? Thank you

    1. Hi Martha! Email is always a great way to reach me (and leaving a blog post comment initiates that email connection). Facebook messages don’t always show up if I don’t know to go looking for them if we are not directly connected. Thanks for letting me help you out and I look forward to seeing how your quilt comes together!

  2. The warm color version looks so different from the cool color version!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)